precious plastics - Zambia

by paul ashlee in Wimborne, England, United Kingdom


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Plastic is made from oil based products, and here in Africa, people are very creative. i want to recycle waste plastic in Zambia

by paul ashlee in Wimborne, England, United Kingdom

We are a husband and wife team at present, i am from the UK and my wife is Zambian. we live mainly in Lusaka City, and we travel back to the UK at least 3 times per year.

Like any city there is always an issue with rubbish and waste products just being dumped into the land. 

This made me realise what are we as human beings doing about waste plastic ????? . I have come to the conclusion that we are not doing enough to reuse and be creative when it comes to old plastic and there is tons and tons of it waiting to be made into something useful. 

I have always taken a keen interest in the whole ecological situation our planet is in and would like to start a business that not only helps clean up our planet but also would give opportunities to people who are much worse off than myself.

The Money:

All of the funds that we will raise will be used to purchase and build the machines we need to start. some of it will be used to start marketing the idea to villagers and local council officials and start generating interest for ordinary people to start collecting and bringing waste plastic for recycling.

The Vision:

My initial vision is to set up a small area of commercial land to house both the machines and create a wash station, sorting station, and a creative space to produce items for sale.

helping others to create a business is also one of my main visions, some people in sub saharan Africa litteraly live day to day trying to put a meal on the table let alone some basics like a pair of flip flops or a clean tee shirt.

I wan to see this business grow and spread across all of africa giving its people the chance to make good of our planet. most big plastic companies confess that it is easier to make products from new stock plastic, i disagree with this one day the oil will stop from the ground, but our oceans and land fills will continue to have rubbish put into them.

Please help us start a revolution 

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