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Secret Pillow Project empowers women in India through the making and selling of Secret Pillows, pillows that unfold into blankets.

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Secret Pillow Project began in 2013 to empower women in India.   Its creation was in reaction to learning that 80% of the world’s children living in institutions are not there because they don’t have parents, it is because their parents can’t afford to feed, clothe or educate them.

The project believes that by growing women's confidence and resources through the process of making and selling internationally, they will be in a better position to make the right choices for themselves and their children. Secret Pillow Project quite simply trains women to be producers of Secret Pillows.

Here are lots of Secret Pillows and Secret Pillowers, AKA the project's customers!

Through the help of many people and organisations Secret Pillow Project has grown a network of over 200 producers and trainers, a UK sales team and an Indian logistics team as well as 1,000 global customers. Over the Christmas holidays our trainers ran 6 workshops and trained another 60 women to be producers. The workshop you can see in the video is one of the ones that took place.

These producers are making 1 Secret Pillow each ready for the Spring shipment. All these Secret Pillows have already been pre-ordered by Secret Pillowers who wants to give a woman the opportunity and isn't worried if their Secret Pillow is made as a producer's first attempt.

Each producer recieves equivalant, £15 per Secret Pillow, with £10 advanced to enable them to purchase wadding and fabric. Then they recieve a further £5 when the completed batch of Secret Pillows is collected by the logistics team. This amount of money is transformational to the producers because they all face social, cultural and economic challenges. For some, this is the first money they have ever personally owned.

Making 2 or 3 Secret Pillows instead of 1 really helps the producers learn how to ensure a higher quality straight away through on the power of on the job learning and repeatition. This crowdfunding campaign hopes to inspire 60 or 120 more SAMPLE Secret Pillow orders, so the number of Secret Pillows made by each producer can be increased from 1 to 2 or even 3!

The impact of Secret Pillow Project is astonishing. The producers transform. They speak of hope, a sense of belonging and they say that Secret Pillow Project is different from other initiatives that have come to help them.   The producers love having an order to work toward and they tell us they sing as they sew and work with pure joy. Click here to listen to them sing.

Here a picture of one of the training workshops that took place in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South India last month.

Secret Pillow Project invites you to pre-order Secret Pillow/s today and help us increase the producers order from 1 Secret Pillow per producer to 2 or 3 Secret Pillows per producer. All the questions you want to ask, including can I choose my Secret Pillow, is answersed in FAQ. And yes, you can choose your Secret Pillow/s!

Please read the rewards today, back our project and help us empower women NOW.

Thank you,

Secret Pillow Project

P.s. By pre-ordering NOW, you are taking part in the NOW campaign, click here to find out more.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

£40 Reward

Secret Pillow with UK delivery

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Secret Pillow with international delivery

£80 or more

£80 Reward

2 Secret Pillows with UK delivery

£100 or more

£100 Reward

2 Secret Pillows with international delivery

£525 or more

£525 Reward

A special reward to for a Secret Pillower to pre-order a sample Secret Pillow on behalf of family members.

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