Pray on Science - Music Video

Project by m.i.j
Pray on Science - Music Video

Pray on Science is an uplifting project built to inspire people to follow their dreams overcoming life's challenging obstacles.

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £85 with 3 supporters in 28 days

About the Project

Pray on Science is a concept that evolved from wanting to motivate people to reach their goals. Millions of people over the world have a dream of being something as children, of which majority fail to accomplish simply because they do not believe. 

Pray on science will challenge popular issues accustomed to aspiring individuals by following the emotive story of an Olympic runner who suffers a career threatening injury. His world crumbles as he faces the biggest obstacle in his life, pushing his determination to its depths, and through sheer belief, will power and hard work, he ventures towards a recovery, training to fulfil his dream of racing at an Olympic level again. 

The song mirrors the uplifting concept of the video and combined they will promote hard work, sacrifice and positivity as a road to achieving your goals. 

The previous project we worked on was a commercial success being played daily on Chart Show TV Dance on a 3 hour rotation, for around 8 weeks. The funds raised for that project were donated to charity so we are seeking funding for 'Pray on Science'. Our aim is to have the video aired on MTV and surpass our last video which reached over 250,000 people. 

Please feel free to donate anything you can to support our goal!

Thank you for your time, 



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