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Do you want to lend a hand to reduce waste? Help us save prams from going to landfill and support families in need.

by Repair Café Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Repair Café Glasgow is a voluntary organisation established in 2017. We host free monthly community repair events where anyone can bring broken household items and learn how to repair them alongside our volunteers. Our monthly events also feature workshops in textile repair, tool usage, electronics, woodworking, and more. Our goal is to keep repair skills alive and our activities allow participants to choose repair and reuse rather than buying new.

A problem we have discovered in our community is that prams, strollers, and buggies are going to landfill whilst families in need are going without. Since January 2019, we have been cleaning & repairing prams that have either been abandoned or that have been donated to us. So far, we have distributed over 50 prams to families through wonderful community groups, Refuweegee, and Kinning Park Complex

In July, we asked people through our social media to donate their preloved prams to us with the hopes that we could save them from landfill. Since then we have collected over 300 prams and donation requests come in daily. Evidently, there is a desire to keep these prams alive but we are now faced with a struggle to find resources to repair and rehome all these prams. 


Repairing and rehoming prams is a simple solution to a big problem but we need your help. 

Currently, there are no public statistics on how many prams are going to waste but we do know that 40 million prams were sold globally in 2015 and that in the same year in the Greater Glasgow area almost 11,000 babies were born. We can extrapolate from that and understand that we are fulfilling a need to stop prams from going to landfill, and instead, getting them to families who desperately need them. Refuweegee reports that they have a long waiting list with hundreds of families. So imagine how big this need is when we combine all organisations? 

Continuing and expanding the pram project will benefit a diverse range of families in need as well as the environment. With your help, our plan is to grow our network of community organisations that support a range of people in need dealing with complex situations such as living in poverty. Our hope is the project will develop as a social enterprise and with your help become sustainable. So far through collecting the prams, 99% of the people who donated were happy to let us sell the prams to support this project. 

This project needs some help to grow. With our current funding, we only have the capacity to fix around 10 prams per month. At this rate, it would take us about 2 years to assess, repair and distribute our current stock of prams. So far, it has been hard for us to get extra financial support which is why we have turned to Crowdfunder. Our goal of 6 months of funding will springboard us into sustainability and a great legacy. Here is what your contribution will cover for a half a year:  

£2,700 in rent for our current workspace 

£2,200 .2 FTE administrator (1 day/week)

£4,200 .4 FTE pram technician (2 days/week)

£725 in volunteer costs

£1,000 consumables (tools and parts for repairs) 

£500 insurance

£500 marketing

£175 for Revolve standard certification (This ensures that all the prams we donate are in good condition, demonstrating our commitment to quality.) 

If we surpass our goal, we would use the additional amount of £3,500 for a biofuel-powered 'Prambulance' (9 passenger multipurpose van) for collection and delivery of prams including fuel and all associated vehicle costs. We have extensive experience with biofuel-powered vehicles and are committed to protecting the environment in our transport activities.

TOTAL: £12,000 (£15,500)


We have lots of great options for rewards! We really appreciate all your donations, so we have gone the extra mile to create rewards both big and small for all our supporters. Grab yourself a couple of handmade repair badges, a poster, some hand-made socks or jewellery, a buggy, or cleanup for your beloved kiddie mover! It's all in the 'Rewards' section of this page. Here are some examples of our rewards:

Image of Sewing Workshops 

Image of IFixiit Kit

Image of Repair Poster

Image of Embroidery from Deirdre Nelson

Image of Jewellery from KPCouture

Image of Repurposed Plastic Tray from Stilllife

 Image of ICandy Pram

We have had so many enthusiastic and generous supporters. We share but a few of their comments with you here:

"Before receiving this pram, all I had was a sling and a car seat to get my two-week-old baby around Glasgow. I'm parading around the room now and can't stop smiling!" Anonymous, Refuweegee pram recipient 

"I'm just glad my Silver Cross will get a new home!" Fiona, pram donor

"This pram is in great condition, and we got a lot of use out of it. We just want it to go to a good home rather than sitting in ours taking up space." Paula, pram donor

"We don’t need our travel system anymore and although we got good use from the pram it will be nice to know that another family can benefit. Keep up the good work!" Claire, pram donor

"I have seen a post on Facebook regarding prams that you repair and pass on to Refuweegee and other charities. It sounds like a fabulous idea and exactly what I have been looking for to do with our prams." N.J., pram donor

"I’m happy with whatever you guys do with it as long as it goes to someone who can use it." Larah, pram donor

"I have a beautiful silver cross pearl limited addition which I paid a fortune for 8 years ago and used for my 2 boys. I've tried to sell it online...I want it to go to someone who will look after it and love it the way I have (I know it’s a pram) lol" N.M., pram donor.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Refurbished Single Pram

Cleaned and repaired pram (not pushchair, double, or travel system). This would be something like a Silver Cross Linear, Cossato Giggle, or iCandy Apple/Pear.

£5 or more

Wall Feature & Playlist

Every donation counts and we want to thank you by writing your name on our donor wall at our future pram utopia. Plus, we've created an exclusive and frankly wonderful playlist of music that has inspired us over this project that we want to share with you.

£10 or more

8 of 20 claimed

Repair Poster

We have prints of some inspiring posters made of the team at iFixit - including the Repair Manifesto & the Never Take Broken For An Answer poster!

£10 or more

10 of 20 claimed

Sewing Repair Kit

We have designed a small sewing repair kit for quick fixes - it is perfect for on the go mends.

£15 or more

12 of 20 claimed

Repair Badges and Poster

We have designed some pro-repair badges, especially for our crowdfunder. You can grab 2 badges and a super cool poster so no one will ever doubt your love for repair ever again.

£15 or more

Invitation to our Repair Party (1 free drink)

Don't miss out on our celebration. It'll be fun! And you'll get one free beverage!

£20 or more

4 of 5 claimed

Workshop: Up-cycle your favourite garment

Breathe new life into your old faves with our talented textile volunteers. We have 1 workshop for 5 people - so make sure to grab this reward quickly.

£30 or more

2 of 3 claimed

Clothing Alterations

An item or two of clothing altered to your specifications, with a private consultation in a professional dressmaking studio!

£50 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Hand Knitted Socks & Repair Kit

Artist and Repair Café Glasgow volunteer, Deirdre Nelson will work with you to design and make a handmade pair of knitted socks and we will include a repair kit for future holes!

£50 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Embroider Favourite Word on Clothes

Ever wanted your favourite word on your own jumper? Artist and Repair Café Glasgow volunteer, Deirdre Nelson has kindly donated her time and skills to us so we can make that happen!

£50 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Refurbished Single Push Chair

You'll be rolling in clean, safe style. This will be one from our stock, so brands may vary.

£50 or more

Basic Pram Cleaning

We'll hoover and sanitize your beloved kiddie mover. This won't include any repairs or parts. For those, get the 'Touch Up' for £75! Or if you really want 'The Works' that's £100. Your pram will feel as good as new.

£70 or more

0 of 20 claimed

IFixit Repair Kit

Choose a Mako or Mahi kit and always have the right tool for the job.

£75 or more

1 of 20 claimed

Pram 'Touch Up' Service

This will give your pushchair, pram, double or travel system a new lease of life. We'll sanitize it and do minor repairs like punctures, replace wheels/axles, adjust/repair brakes, and make other straightforward repairs. If you want it to sparkle and shine from a polished chassis and wheels, go for 'The Works'.

£100 or more

0 of 20 claimed

'The Works': clean, repair and polish your pram

This is it! Make your pre-loved pram as good as it can be. We'll sanitize, repair, polish and make you proud. If we need to replace parts, you would need to provide them or reimburse us for those (new textile parts, wheels, tyres, tubes, chassis parts, rain covers, etc.).

£150 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Refurbished Double Pushchair (side by side)

A double whammy! This would be a side by side, rather than an inline. Those are gold dust and reserved for donations to families who need them; they are easier to get on the bus!

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Pram Travel System

That's right folks: the works! This will include a car seat, but you will have to sign a waiver indicating you know it's a used car seat and you won't sue us over it. 90% of car seats go to landfill and we think that's dumb. We trust our donors that they provide seats that are safe and sound!

£20 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Workshop: How to use your own sewing machine

You will receive tuition from our talented textile repairers on the sewing machine basics over the course of a few hours.

£20 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Handmade Silver Jewellery

Our lovely and talented volunteer is donating some of her beautiful handmade silver rings to the cause - you can specify size and style.

£30 or more

2 of 2 claimed

Lucky Dip of Repurposed Plastic Jewellery

KPCouture makes handmade repurposed plastic jewellery and they have kindly made up some wonderful gift boxes for us. These will make the perfect sustainable gift! You can find out more at https://www.kinningparkcomplex.org/kpcouture

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Repurposed Plastic Tray from Stilllife

Stilllife's reputation around Glasgow for beautiful, high quality, handcrafted, environmentally friendly products is second to none. This tray will make any room 'pop'. Turn it into a clock if you want to! Colours will vary. https://stilllifeshop.bigcartel.com/product/tray-rainbow

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