by Charlotte Fox in Peacehaven, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

This will be a competitor for the investment websites like babypips.com or investopedia a massive financial news and educational site

by Charlotte Fox in Peacehaven, England, United Kingdom

I love Forex I love financial markets they are easy they make money but people are ripped off and people make mistakes they get dragged into the get rich quick illusion and people profit off them. My website will teach people for free how to trade forex in a similar way to babypips.com in addition it has strategies it will have hundreds or different strategies and chart pattern analysis. It will also have news and regular currency updates using a combination of strategies to analysis movements. It will also details behaviour analysis and algorithms reviewing multiple robots trading systems signal providers and brokers. There will be live charts with multiple tools for pivot points, Fibonacci, pip and profit calculators, there is a heat map, a cross currency comparison chart, economic calendar, daily sentiment indicators , list of biggest movements, percentage changes for currencies. Then an section detailing how to trade options, forex options, stock options. Again news tools analysis. A futures section and the same how to trade futures what they are why trade them analysis predictions using indicators. And another section on Crypto currencies and the same again how to trade also how to invest how to mine a mining calculator indicators long term and short term analysis sentiment etc. A section with shares for investment long term and business news for top shares recommended brokers etc. And a section on long term retirement planning is pensions and how hedge funds work how to manage a hedge fund yourself. Insurances etc. 

This website will be massive and it will take about 8 months but will go live and be continuously added to. 

It will make money from advertisers I am already in talks with some companies which I can not disclose yet. 

This website will be massive other websites which are not as big as this will be are valued at anything for 10 to four hundred million. So this market has potential. 

I need to free up some money so it can expand as it is intended to. 

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