HiiT program for teens and young people

by Relax Kids in Wantage, England, United Kingdom

HiiT program for teens and young people


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Mental HiiT program for the mind Helping teens and young people manage anxiety and stress-management.

by Relax Kids in Wantage, England, United Kingdom

HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become very popular method of exercise for the body. 

For a while, I have wanted to create something for young people to help encourage teens and young adults to strengthen and condition their mind to help develop good mental health. 

Using simple mindfulness exercises, visualizations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations it helps boost mental hygiene and encourages brain health so helping them feel calmer and more in control.

I wanted to help support young people and give them an opportunity to develop their mental muscles

These short and simple exercises have been designed to help teens build mental strength and resilience.

The exercises can be used individually as stand alone and practiced in regular short intense bursts or as part of one of the speciality created programs for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems or low self-esteem.

This book is full of quick and simple mental exercises designed to bring a few moments of calm and clarity.


’PowerUp has been very beneficial and has made me feel my best self’... Sasha Newman 14

'In creating ‘PowerUP’, Marneta Viegas has written a manual that challenges the mind to get fit in the same way as we might go about getting fit physically. While many books dealing with mental unrest offer philosophical viewpoints to which we might hold for comfort, this book bypasses all theory and sets out a series of simple exercises to do in which strengthen the mind, as if it were a muscle.

I have used these exercises with young people at Kent College, Pembury where I have taught for over twenty years. We all agreed that we felt both calmer and stronger.  ‘PowerUP’ is a program that creates strength; it is also fun: a great classroom tool as well as a useful personal resource.' Anthea Church 

This program can be used by parents/carers, teachers, youth workers, social workers and all professionals working with teens.


The PowerUp program includes: 

Pocket book (A6) of HiiT exercises 

a log book with tracker sheet, affirmation sheet, PowerUp cards 

Extra sheets to download

Cool down affirmation sheet (PDF to download)

A4 Tracker sheet (PDF to download)

PowerUP cards (PDF to download)

PowerUp wheel (PDF to download) 

Blank plans (PDF to download)

ChargeUp pen to fill in the log sheet

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