Powering the Park

Powering the Park

Restoring Roath House, located in Roath Pleasure Park in Cardiff abandoned for over 20 years. Roath Park House was built in 1897

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Roath Park House remains in Council ownership and seems to be up for rennovation based on a recent article in Wales online


Roath Park House was built in 1897 within the Pleasure Garden as the official residence for the Parks Superintendent (later Chief Parks Officer). It was home successively to William Pettigrew until 1915,  his younger brother Andrew Alexander Pettigrew from 1915 to 1936, and William Nelmes, who was appointed Chief Officer of Parks and Open Spaces in September 1936. 

It has been abandoned for over 20 years.

My company Geode-Energy Ltd, a new start-up (www.poweringthepark.com) would like to advise on the rennovations useing the  raised money to retrofit the latest energy saving measures, such as

  • tiled solar panels,
  • ground source heat pumps,
  • installing the latest roof, underfloor and  wall insulation
  • double glazing, solid doors

These renovations will be in keeping with the era of the house

Ultimatly, turning the house into an information centre for renewable energy and community space for the public to learn how the energy is created from renewables and how we can save the energy we use, even in a Victorian house.

In the gardens, we will create an urban nature reserve, illustrating what can be done in an Urban garden to help the local wildlife.

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