Power Insider Magazine

The launch of a focussed UK energy magazine designed to target major policy makers and Utilities to educate on renewable energy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Power Insider Media have been publishing energy magazines in Asia and organising a series of focussed business events. We specialise in forming close relationships with governments and ministries around the World and ensuring governments and policy makers are educated and informed on the very latest and best technologies to move countries to a sustainable energy development plan and renewable energy implementation. The more we educate policy makers, the more chance we have of them implementing sustainable renewable energy solutions that will provide a better World for our children to grow. We publish original factual content and are not controlled by generic media platforms, our mission is to educate, inform and ensure renewable and sustainable energy is a must. 

We are launching a UK energy platform to educate and inform the market on the technologies to be implemented, the pro and cons of specific technologies and what utilities and governments must ensure to provide energy on a huge scale that is carbon friendly and efficient. We are looking to ensure education on a huge scale, we will bring leading global energy providers to the UK, champion UK manufacturers and suppliers and ensure our educational platforms are used by the UK government and referred to as the best platform for renewable energy and sustainable development. 

We are looking to get this started by offering advertising and subscriptions to our platform to ensure we have the capital to publish and produce the magazine, and offer this at a greatly reduced rate to early adopters. We have data and distribution for over 6,000 key decision makers in the UK energy market and plan to ensure our platform becomes the number 1 for the UK market.