Power assistance for my wheelchair

by Nathan orchard in Woking, England, United Kingdom

Power assistance for my wheelchair


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I have set up this page in the hope of raising £4500 to help me buy the TRIRIDE SPECIAL L14 power assistance for my wheelchair

by Nathan orchard in Woking, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Nathan I’m 30 years old I was born with bilateral club feet eight years ago after a failed reconstructive foot surgery I had my right leg amputated below the knee and unfortunately since then things have t gone to well 

after my amputation I developed an extremely painful condition called  complex regional pain syndrome caused by nerve damage sustained during surgery due to this condition I’m unable to wear a prosthetic leg because of the unbelievably pain it causes leaving me reliant on a wheelchair to get about 



i set up this pagein the hope of raising £4500 to help me buy this TRIRIDE SPECIAL L14 

This amazing piece of equipment is a high power add on that will allow me to transform my manual wheelchair into a dynamic mobility scooter providing me with a high power high torque assistance whenever and wherever I need it on all terrain surfaces despite the high power motor the triride compact size and weight makes it easy to transport allowing me to take it wherever I need to allowing me to do things and go places that have been inaccessible to me over the past eight years therefore regaining my independence 

unfortunately due to the very high cost of these items they are not available on the NHS so self funding is my only option 

 I currently have a quickie lightweight wheelchair supplied to me by wheelchair services which I use to get about whilst this enables me to go out I’m still very limited to we’re I can go I often find it very difficult and painful to propel my wheelchair due to carpel tunnel syndrome a medical condition that causes numbness cramping and weakness in hands and arms also hip and back pain caused by a lifetime of physical disability and repetitive strain injuries to shoulders 

 this amazing power add on would increase my independence immeasurably 

It will allow me to join in with family activities independently and be a good active dad to my little boy I could take him to the park take him to preschool his preschool is located at the end of an off road alley my partner takes him due to the difficulty of propelling on rough terrain 

simple things like shopping most of our our local towns centres contain steep hills with the power assist  I would no longer require people to push me around even going to my local shop the route is about a mile it’s contains off road cut throughs unsuitable for manual wheelchairs but fully accessible with the support of power assist 

Going for walks exploring local off road trails we live in a small rural village based on chobham common there are plenty of off-road trails to be explored many of which I haven’t  been able to access during the three years we have lived here 

we have very energetic staffy she loves her walks and would love the fact I could join here 

If you could support my crowdfunder by making a donation and then sharing it too I would appreciate it more than anything. I know that money can be tight so please know that even £5 helps me to get closer to my goal and if you're not in a position to be able to donate just a share would be amazing!

 thanks Nathan x

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