Pou's stolen bike..

by Aaron Sexton in Cambodia

Pou's stolen bike..


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Pou had a motorbike stolen from his house, the bike enabled his son to ride to school and to learn. We want to help him buy another bike

by Aaron Sexton in Cambodia

Cambodia is a poor country and the average person has no financial security, no health care, no pension and no insurance.The average wage in Cambodia is $3 a day. 

Tuk tuk drivers are a little more fortunate, they can make up to $20 a day on a really good day, but this is by no means a consistent income. The quiet days can result in zero income - imagine taking nothing home to your family after a day of trying.  

Our amazing friend and tuk tuk driver 'Pou' recently had his sons motorbike stolen from his house. This means his son cannot ride to school to learn. Moreover, he still has a large outstanding debt on the bike. Pou is stuck. He has to pay back a loan for a motorbike that will never be found. In this system the police will only attempt to find the stolen bike of they are paid, continuously paid.

This bike would have been an investment for Pou and his family for the future, this opportunity has now been taken away. We wish to give Pou a helping hand to buy a bike for his son, so he get to school. Any donation would be warmly received.

Let's make 'Pou's stolen bike..' happen