Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Appeal

by MissZoeB in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Appeal


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I was Sexually Abused as a Child. Residential Treatment For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Mental Health is Exactly What I'm Requiring

by MissZoeB in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

1548760859_IMG_xcu4la.jpg????Please Take a Few Moments To Reflect, Identify, Digest, Understand & Read Our Unbelievable "True Life Story"????

 Hi There, I'm Zoe I am Forty-five Year's Young! I'm. Alive & a Surviving Victim Of,

  "Trauma,  Abuse,   Sexual  Child  Abuse,    Domestic Violence,           & Bullying" 

"Sadly These Are Just a Few of The Terribly Traumatic Experiences I've Suffered So Far Throughout My  Existence of Life"....

 So Please Buckle Up Up, Read On, Do Join In & Enjoy Our Ride Along a Brand New Journey Of Life In Experiencing  Recovery With a Little Bit of Quality Living. Along With The Help & Assistance From Yourself's,  Crowdfunder's, & Basicly Anybody Who Wishes To Donate, Any Amount Of #Money #Help, #Advise #Assistance #Anything & #Everything Will Help Us With Our Hopefully Life Changing Extreamly Important Cause!   "Residential Treatment" For Myself & My Two Children, Who Have Definitely Been There All The Way Throughout Our Whole Journey, They Both Keep Being  Immensly Understanding Caring Loving & Very Much Supportive of Of Our Family Lives. We Would Be Truly Grateful For Some Genuinely Everlasting Recovery. They Did Unfortunately Have to Experience Our Journey Over the Years. My Extremely Strong Hansom Clever Son Is Twenty five now & My Very Inteligent Beautiful Daughter is Seventeen. I Am Extremely Proud of Them Both. My Son's Self Employed He Drives. He Suffers Like My Self With Post Traumatic Stress disorder & Anxieties.  I'm Sure a Good Few Tools Would Help Him To Thee Road of Recovery. My Daughter Is @ College She Qualified Her Level Two Health & Social Care Course & Is Working Hard Towards Compleating Health & Social Care Level Three. I'm Proud to Announce She's Been Offered Four Places @ Different University's Thoughout The UK. Mental Health Hasn't Missed Either of My Children. Im So Happy For Them. Just a Little Help Will Definatly Go Along Way. I Can't Thank You Enough For Taking Your Time To Read Our Cause. We Wish Each & Everyone a Happy Stress Free Life Good Luck On Our. Journeys of Real Life

      Many Thank's

   Take Care, God Bless

   Us Always & Forever

         Yours Truly


         MissZoeB &

        All Our Team


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