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Post-Lockdown Anxiety & Stress Support

by Ayrshire Women's Hub CIC in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Providing practical & emotional support to those affected by Post-Lockdown Anxiety. Demand for our services has grown by over 60%.

by Ayrshire Women's Hub CIC in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom

1596793323_support_logo.jpgThe Ayrshire Women's Hub is a Hub like no other!  In 2 short years we have supported over 16,000 people locally and everyday the demand for our services grows.  Our hub is a safe space where people who feel socially isolated, or who are going through a difficult time can come, fell safe, socialise, take part in workshops and most importantly be supported by one of our amazing support team.  Our team provides one to one emotional and practical support.  Our model of support is completely person-centred and catered for the individual.  We are an umbrella organisation meaning we can support a person holistically, and work hand in hand with all support services in the area.  The Ayrshire Women's Hub provides support to women and children of  Ayrshire who face a complex mix of interlinked issues including mental ill health, addictions, abuse, homelessness, financial, social and relationship difficulties etc.  

What we know is that all of these issues have not disappeared just because Lockdown has been imposed, if anything they have been added to by now having feeling of loneliness due to increased social isolation.  There is widespread concern that due to the increase in social isolation and distancing the effects will see an increase in people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and other negative feelings.  All of these can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing under normal circumstances, for those that are already vulnerable the effects could be much worse.  If you're anxious about life after lockdown, you’re not alone, many are experiencing what is known as ‘post-lockdown anxiety’.

The Hub has seen a huge rise in people contacting us for support over the last few weeks in relation to worries about the easing of lockdown.


Post-lockdown anxiety is a fear and worry about what’s going to happen once restrictions are lifted and the feeling of returning to a life they no longer recognise.

When lockdown began many people quickly adjusted to a ''new normal', feeling safe, feeling protected at home and the novelty factor of not having to go to work, sitting in traffic or on the train meant the pace of life was a bit slower. Life became a bit more comfortable. For some there were positives about being at home that hadn't really been explored or understood initially.

So why are people worried about changing their routines back?

Now as we face the restrictions being lifted many are worried about catching the virus & a dreaded 2nd wave. The thought of returning to a fast paced life where time is restricted increases stress. A person who suffered from Social isolation pre-lockdown has been cocooned in their own world now it's time to go back into the world, anxiety and fear is spiralling...this is just a taster of what we have found.

So what are we doing to support?

Our support team has been working endlessly throughout lockdown. We are supporting more people than ever. We are developing new support groups and techniques. We are training our staff and researching new methods all to ensure our community has the best support available.

All we ask is that no-one suffers alone. 


Due to the recent circumstances that COVID-19 put the Hub in, it meant that it could no longer offer the safe, warm, friendly walk-in facility that it used to.  It was evident from the on-set of Lockdown though that the services offered by the Hub were still very much in demand.  We quickly had to redirect our focus and now offer remote emotional and group support by any means possible.  Our Support and Outreach Workers are continuing to provide telephone and video support remotely and we have developed new groups and additional one to one support contacts on top of the already full support list that we already offer.  With the Hub being closed and not able to offer the safe environment that it is known for, research is showing that when we are able to open we need to be able to offer our one to one support, additional group supports and peer supports continuously to meet the demand we are already facing. It is our intention to introduce and bring together differing age groups, form a social group space twice a week and added one-to-ones.  Once the Hub opens this will continue but start to bring the groups together socially.

Our main geographical area covered is the community of South Ayrshire but during these times of working remotely via digital communications, anyone from anywhere can get in touch, our workers will take calls from anyone and signpost them to the best support available whether they have called from Ayrshire or Glasgow or further afield.1596793460_hub_3.jpg1596793453_hub_4.jpg



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