+Positive Baby Books

by Adele Mitchinson in Whickham, England, United Kingdom

+Positive Baby Books
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Creating beautifully designed parent-to-child affirmation books to help promote self-care, self-worth and body positivity from an early age.

by Adele Mitchinson in Whickham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With a larger budget we’d be able to involve more designers in the project and bring forward the print and production of the second book in the series.

With one in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19-year-olds experiencing a mental disorder* it's more important than ever that we find a way to promote self-care, self-worth and body positivity to children from an early age.


"+Positive Baby" is a board book series for Babies and Toddlers that looks at expanding confidence in children from day one. Helping to break gender stereotypes, boost self-esteem and promote positive thinking.

Collaborating with talented UK illustrators the books will be a bespoke affirmation collection that you can read to your child night after night to increase their confidence while supporting to stimulate your child's imagination and expand their understanding of the world in a new and positive way.

Reading the positive affirmations aloud to your child has extended benefits for you both, building a strong and important mental health bond together as well as introducing a healthy emotional routine - teaching and sharing ideas of emotional well-being as well as helping to work through barriers together.


We are Crowdfunding to be able to fund skilled designers and illustrators both fairly and equally (based on experience and time). We will also create and print the first in the +Positive Baby collection of board books which starts with "Baby's First Affirmations".

It's with the hope that following a successful launch we'll be able to reinvest and produce, "You're Awesome Mama". The second in the series hopes to help new Mothers reinforce positive thinking in the first year of Motherhood while reading to their newborn. Fighting Postnatal Depression (affecting 3 in 10 Mothers.**) with self-confidence and positive reinforcement.

3% of all +Positive Baby board book profits will be put back into supporting children's charities across the UK.



Beautifully designed baby affirmations presented in a board book. Perfect for nighttime reading for you and your baby or a great way to start your day together, helping promote healthy mental health discussion. Break gender stereotypes, boost self-esteem and promote positive thinking from day one.



The first year of Motherhood is a hell of a ride. This Mama-to-Baby Affirmation book helps stimulate your baby's imagination, learn the joy of reading together as well as reaffirming how much of an amazing job you're doing Mama. Great as a gift to new Mums.



My name is Adele, I'm a Creative Director and new Mam (I'm Northern!) to Charlotte. I was motivated to create something that actively encourages self-confidence in young children as a positive influence for Charlotte as she grows. I'm passionate about promoting and bringing together talented UK illustrators and designers and believe this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that. I want to support changing the narrative on gender, stereotypes and media representation of women and men - strongly believing it starts on how we talk to each other, about one another.

*Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2017 [PAS]. NHS Digital.
**Stat from charity 4Children.
PLEASE NOTE: Mock designs used have been created using Shutterstock illustrations by cosmaa.


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