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Wellbeing Festival to POSITIVELY EMPOWER children

by Positively Empowered Kids in Arnold, England, United Kingdom


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A festival bringing together families and wellbeing experts to support children to develop emotional resilience & navigate life's challenges

by Positively Empowered Kids in Arnold, England, United Kingdom

A simple idea

Positively Empowered Kids began as a one off festival in Nottingham, where we both live and work. We both run our own businesses, in different facets of wellbeing and are mothers ourselves, We saw the need to create a place where families could come together and learn about wellbeing and what expertise is available to them locally. The festival was born from this and received even more attention than we anticipated! Over 500 experts and families participated and the feedback made it clear that more than a one off event was needed. We even made ITV News!

Having an impact on communities

Fast forward two years and Positively Empowered Kids CIC (PEK) is an award winning Community Interest Company working to bring local families and wellbeing services together, one community at a time. We do this in order to create a collaborative and supportive local culture which delivers early interventions to children and families that prevent mental ill health from taking root.

Our vision is a happier and healthier world where people are resilient, compassionate and empowered to navigate life’s challenges and realise their potential.

As well as the festival  we now have a range of activities available to families and practitioners.

  • Family Empowerment Hub - A FREE online resource to support families on their wellbeing journeys. 
  • Networks for wellbeing practitioners - The first network began in Nottingham, but due to increasing interest from other areas, networks have now launched in Kent and Essex. Networking events happen on a monthly basis and feature a guest speaker and an opportunity to explore opportunities for collaboration.
  • Targeted events - We hold ad-hoc events about a specific subject, utilising the expertise throughout our network. For example, we recently held an online Neurodiversity event.
  • Collaborative projects - We work collaboratively with our network to deliver projects. For example we have launched a Positively Empowered Communities online group, to provide a holistic wellness model to empower the community around the child, in collaboration with our local expertise.
  • Youth voice in action - This project empowers young people to express views on the things that matter to them most and form working groups and create real change within their communities, through a digital democracy platform.
  • Corporate wellbeing support - We plan on working with corporate organisations to offer wellbeing empowerment training to their staff. Our ambition is to start with parents wellbeing, which then filters to their families.

Your support will help us to take the Positively Empowered Kids festival online this Autumn. We're not quite ready for large face to face events yet, but we know that creating these connections to support the mental health and wellbeing of our young people has never been more needed. We know that this is a global issue, not limited to the areas we currently have networks. Taking the festival online also means it will be accessible to families everywhere!


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