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by james-strawbridge in Tywardreath

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The Posh Pasty Company is a small family business run by James Strawbridge and his wife Holly. All our delicious pasties are handcrafted in Cornwall on an eco farm. We pride ourselves on creating gourmet products using quality Cornish ingredients, promoting local and sustainable produce. We currently supply a handful of delis and cafes in Cornwall but want to be able to sell our pasties directly. Therefore we'd like to convert a vintage VW van into an amazing Posh Pasty Co Food Truck, to take our pasties out on the road to events, festivals and markets.

by james-strawbridge in Tywardreath

Please can you help us take our Posh Pasties on the road? Our aim is to build a food truck so we can sell our gourmet pasties at festivals, events and markets round Cornwall and the UK, but we need your help to make this happen.

Minted Lamb artisan

We are the Posh Pasty Company, a small family business run by James Strawbridge and his wife Holly. All our gourmet pasties are hand crafted by ourselves in Cornwall on an eco farm. Our pasties really are made with Cornish sunshine as our electricity is supplied by solar panels, not to mention a waterwheel and a couple of wind turbines.

We're passionate about promoting local and sustainable food, and the thing that makes our pasties truly 'posh' is the amazing Cornish produce that goes into them. Our pasties are filled with the best that Cornwall has to offer and it has taken years to find the right artisan producers. We're also passionate about farm animal welfare, and for that reason we make a donation out of every pasty we sell to the charity Compassion in World Farming.

We're currently a really small business, and supply our pasties to a handful of delis and cafes in Cornwall. We love supplying these outlets, but what would really make us tick is to sellour pasties direct to customers, to promote our product and our ethos in person. For this reason we hope to be able to build an amazing Posh Pasty Co Food Truck - a truly unique and eye-catching mobile catering vehicle to enable us to sell our pasties at festivals, events and foodie markets across Cornwall and the UK.

This is where we need your help. We're currently half way there - we have a vintage VW pickup truck called Jasmine - but she needs a lot of work doing to her in order to convert her into a food truck. The conversion will cost £14,500 - we're putting as much of our own money in as we can afford, but we're still short of £8000 to make it happen. Jasmine is no ordinary vehicle. Behind her slightly rusty exterior is an engine that has the ability to run on biodiesel - in fact that's another thing that gets produced out of waste vegetable oil on the eco farm where we're based. So we can keep our green credentials intact even when we're zooming around the country.

If you help us raise the funds to convert Jasmine into a food truck, you'll be helping us to spread the PoshPasty love to a much wider group of people than we are currently able. The money will be spent on paying a catering vehicle conversion company to build a very cool looking refrigerated unit on the back of Jasmine for transporting the pasties. This will have an awning that pulls out to cover driftwood trestle tables mounted with heated pasty display units and a demonstration area for pasty making demos, samples, crimping races, and more.

Pasty making demo with James Strawbridge

In return for your donation, we'll reward you in true Posh Pasty style with delicious food, cookery demos, and one-on-one cooking experiences. Plus your investment will help us to spread our ethos about buying local, sustainably produced food around the UK.

Posh pasty in a recyclable boxA little more about our pasties: our pasties are sold in a brown kraft box to make sure that you don't lose a single crumb. Each pasty also comes with a special 'posh pot', a dipping sauce that compliments the pasty. 

A little more about us: when James isn't making pasties he presents a couple of ITV1 TV series called 'Hungry Sailors' and 'Saturday Farm'. He and his wife Holly live in Cornwall with their two young children, Indy and Pippin. 

Thanks for spreading the Posh Pasty love,

James and Holly Strawbridge


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

We'll send you a gift voucher entitling you to a complimentary Posh Pasty from our Food Truck.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

NEW!!!! An exclusive selection of our 'Posh Pots' - beautiful glass jars filled with our speciality dipping sauces, a perfect accompaniment for pasties, pies, burgers, salads, you name it. You can't find these in the shops, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy them at home and impress your guests. They include organic Harissa Mayo, Horseradish Mustard, Sweet Pepper Relish, and Red Tomato Chutney. Would make a brilliant gift, or just enjoy them all to yourself!

£30 or more

£30 Reward

NEW!!!! Come and bring a friend for a pasty making party at Posh Pasty HQ with James Strawbridge. Get hands on and learn how to make the perfect pasty, discover some cool pasty history and facts, eat some delicious pasties, and generally have a good time. Plus there'll be a pasty crimping race - can you beat James' world record for fastest crimping?! Fun and frolics of the pasty variety!

£40 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£40 Reward

We'll send you a selection of three of our delicious pasties and their dipping sauces to you through the post. Just pop them in the oven and the delightful aromas and tastes of the Posh Pasty Co will fill your kitchen and tantalize your taste buds.

£75 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£75 Reward

Posh Pasty pack and our supplier’s selection hamper. We’ll send you a selection of three of our delicious pasties and their dipping sauces through the post, plus samples from some of our amazing suppliers. This will include items such as Cornish Gouda Co cheese, Trewithen dairy butter and clotted cream, Cornish Orchards apple juice, Bad Boy Chilli Co chilli mash, and more. Some of these producers are really small and it’s difficult to come by their produce in the shops, so this is a superb opportunity of trying some sought-after and delicious Cornish produce.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Exclusive signed copies of the five 'Made at Home' series of cookery books that James co-wrote with his dad Dick Strawbridge. They're beautiful books filled with delicious recipes, and we'll reward your generosity with personalised messages of thanks inside each one.

£100 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£100 Reward

We'll create a pasty with your name on it! To commemorate your generosity we'll make an entirely original pasty named after you. Got any favourite ingredients? We'll put them in, no matter how weird or wacky. We’ll send it to you in the post and you can choose to eat it, or mount it on your mantelpiece for perpetuity... entirely up to you! This is something to really tell your grandchildren about - not everyone gets a pasty named after them!

£250 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£250 Reward

Have a gourmet meal cooked for you by a TV chef! James Strawbridge will cook a delicious meal for you and a guest at Posh Pasty HQ, Bumblebee Farm, in Cornwall. He’ll create a menu to suit your specific palate and dietary preferences. So whether you’re vegan or simply can’t stand cheese it doesn’t matter: he’ll create a delicious meal especially for you. You’ll get to talk to James as he preps and cooks your meal - a true one on one experience. www.bumblebeefarm.co.uk

£500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£500 Reward

Get the VIPP Posh Pasty Co treatment. You’ll get to hang out with us for a day as we take the Posh Pasty Co Food Truck to a music event or festival. We’ll make you feel like a Very Important Pasty Person indeed as you’ll get to help us with all our pasty making demos, crimping races, and fun publicity events, and we’ll make sure that everyone knows just how generous you have been throughout the day. Needless to say you can eat as many complimentary pasties as you can too!

£1,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

£1,000 Reward

We'll bring the Posh Pasty Co Food Truck to your door! If you have an event or special occasion that you'd like the Posh Pasty Co to provide the catering for, we'll turn up with our Food Truck (once she's up and running of course) to really wow your guests. We’ll be able to provide pasties for up to 50 people, so this will be a fantastic catering option for a wedding, birthday party or if you’re not feeling sociable you can keep the pasties all to yourself!

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