Isle of Muck - Population: 38

Project by Bálint Bíró

A cinematic observational portrait on community living, set against the backdrop of Scotland's least most populated island: Muck.

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On 14th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £1,826 of £1,500 target with 48 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

First of all we are overwhelmed with the generosity shown towards our film. This extra target is to give us the privilege of having the film colour graded and musically scored. 

Isle of Muck Population: 38 is a cinematic documentary that explores community life and the freedom that living on a remote island represents. Taking place on the Isle of Muck, where only 38 people live.


The film will be an honest, organic and filmic portrait of the community and the island, the relationship between people, land, sky and sea. Focusing on the liberating existence of living far off from the mainland, on the margins of society.  We intend to introduce an alternative way of living, to give a perspective beyond the ordinary.



The film aims to stray away from the standard observational documentary, focusing instead on a more cinematic and considered visual style. Shooting a mixture of Kodak 16mm and digital, hoping to complement the island’s rugged exteriors, sweeping landscapes and dark skies all culminating to create a dramatic aesthetic.

We want to be true to the islands landscape and the community that call it home and explore that relationship. We believe this calls for a more organic and honest visual approach, using 16mm takes the technical visual process back to basics, the very foundations of visual imagery. 



Bálint Bíró (left) The director, he has been making and researching documentaries at the Bournemouth Film School for the last 3 years. As a former co-worker of a Camphill village community, he has been interested in discovering more about community life and its relevance in modern society. 

Adam Kavanagh (right) the cinematographer, usually with a keen interest in fiction works is wanting to change his eye to documentary. Bringing a more visually cinematic approach to the observational genre. Shooting 16mm film has always been a passion of his and is a medium he really wants to experiment with on this project.    

Rebeca Alvaro: the sound designer of the project. She has worked through a wide range of disciplines: animation, fiction and documentary films in her years at Bournemouth Film School. She has a great interest in experimental filmmaking, and this project provides a chance to express her creativity. 

Suzie Sherlock: the editor of Isle of Muck. She has a passion for both watching and editing documentaries. She has been involved in the making of several short documentaries and is well-versed in commercial works too. 



The budget is mostly targeted towards financing the film stock, which will be indispensable in order to achieve our vision.  A portion of the budget will also be forwarded towards our travel, accommodation, supplies and the possibility to broaden our range of equipment. 


Thank you for your support!

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