Poorly Bleeding Bongo

Poorly Bleeding Bongo

To fix or replace our much needed Bongo Camper

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

   To fix or replace our much needed Bongo Camper. We had a minor water leak which turned into a nightmare due to a well known roadside recovery mechanic not bleeding the cooling system properly, although it is near impossible to prove and the company do not want to and I'm being palmed off. So the damage to the engine has been made and we (my little boy and I) with out transport.

I suffer with Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyrodism and chronic plantar fasciitus which leaves me unable to stand or walk with out pain, it even hurts when I am sat! The doctors have very recently told me I will not be getting any better, I may get worse, which I am struggling to come to terms with.  The heart break of not being able to take him to see our family that is spread around the county is huge along with the daily struggle to get him to school. Now the Bongo is off the road I am in desperation. I am on my own with my son, no family near to help with any thing and I am not receiving any other financial help to run a vehicle so I can barely afford to run it let alone the cost of such major repairs. My only saving grace was that the cost of insurance on the camper is cheaper than a car.

The camper is essential as I have to stop to rest, at unknown intervals depending on my wellness at the time, and I cannot rest overnight with a child in any other vehicle, and the cost of bed and breakfasts would far exceede my budget.

This vehcile means so much more to us than just a way to get from A to B, it is a essential for me to teach my son about history, through visiting National Trust places, camping sites and other points of interest around our beautiful country, oh and the seaside which is benefical for my sinusitus too....my doctor said I should live by the sea so I asked him for it on perscription lol, it didn't work, sorry had to throw a joke in before I started blubbing...