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Pony Club is a funky, yet sophisticated caffe, and wine place.A place you can pop in to, to relax and check your e-mails, or have a meeting.

by Magda Magdalena Jakubik in Truro, England, United Kingdom

I've been working in pubs, cocktail-bars, restaurants and hotels in Cornwall and UK, and lately my friend lost his place, which now can be redesigned into something new. It used to be a small, cosy bar, unfortunately it didn't work...At first I wanted to redesign it, and continue the bar/cocktail-bar vibe...although it had more "minuses" than "pluses" to keep it ...Then one day... it hit me...; I was on a vegan diet..fed up with boring, and plain places for Vegans to eat... And then... the idea came by.. Why not open a funky, little place, with 3 floors, for Vegans, and people , who want some green, fresh food, or an AMAAAAZING coffee, and lovely wine in the evening...? why not have a chilled" area, where you can pop in, relax, read your book, or check your emails...? Or sip you favourite coffee, while your kid is upstairs, drawing on the blackboards wall? Epic??? Why not have a nice, and sophisticated place, where managers or professionals can sit, and discuss their meeting, surrounded by a designer wallpaper, gold walls, and some art??? Why not have a place with golden spoons, and funky porcelain pots. Why not??? Why not have a bohemian jungle, mixed with eclectic art, and sophisticated style? Why not have there pinball? and books? and magazines about decor, or fashion??? Is there anything like this in Cornwall??? No.. no..no... Anywhere with lovely plants inside...? and candles in the evening and smooth jazz?/? no...

Anything where you can have a fondue (vegan;>) night???Or a cocktail class night? Well.. it quickly became obvious that i need to do something to make this place work. I knew I wanted give this amazing place to the people. 

Simple as that.. Some people are just happy, when they can see a smile on other people faces...

Pluuuus...- art- and place to relax- since a very young age I've been always involved with arts, fine arts, and photography- now I want to share this passion, and give something to the little ones..and the bigger one's- Because the place has 3floors, there will be a space, where kids can use their creativity and imagination, and explore the world of art, there will be rolls of white paper, loads of crayons, and pens, brushes etc. and For the older public- a drawing class, or..fashion illustration ..or something else...plus...the gallery!! So you can buy art that's at the coffee shop!! or you can bring your own canvas and we will try to sell it!!!

All this can happen!! I can put the wallpaper, and the gold-leaf on the walls and ceilings, I can find all these antique and eclectic stuff, I can design the website, take professional photos (I'm a photographer) I can make a fantastic coffee, and an epic Manhattan ...or Negroni..or sexy Old Fashioned...I can take you on an adventure with best and smoothest whisky, funky beers, sensual wines... but hat's not that.. I can make you the healthiest smoothies or fresh juices you would only dream of..., hungry.. not a problem... loads on fresh organic salads, toasted bagels, with whole avocacdo, and a splash of chilli and olive oil, with some rocket, dried tomatoes and portobello mushroom, and capers... whaaaat-ever you wish...

ohhhh AND ONE MORE THING- why Pony Club??? Well.. Pony -used to be a cocktail measure back in the old days... plus it sound pretty cool, bit cheeky, bit wild, bit pretty... think about a Pink Neon, and charcoal wall outside, with posh wallpapers, and eclectic designes from Vogue...Think a bit of London, bit of Covent Garden in "Our Little City-Truro".

The only... thing is.... : I need to - 1. buy a kickass, sexy coffee machine - that's a cost of 3,500-5,000 £

2. buy a sexy wallpaper from "curious egg"-check the website www.curiousegg.com, concrete for the floor and materials that's 1,990£

3. funky porcelain mugs from posh (Oliver Bonas) and eclectic to funny and designer -like Helen B -that's 450£

4. cutlery and such- 450-800£

5. web, PR & marketing - 2,000£

6. first payments 6,660 £for the landlord

7. first food order - your organic "almost-everything", yummy treats, chocolate balls, handmade bread and veg croissaints etc., coffee - Monmouth or Valhalla Java Ground Coffee By Death Wish or Kicking Horse Coffee. ...(let's keep the theme;> Gamma Ray, and more from Beavertown beers, sexy NZ Sauvignon , or  Viognier or..Veltliner, all VEGAN!!

that's minimum 3,000-6,000 max 8,500£

8. bartenders essentials... , but bigger than jiggers, and Hawthorn strainer, or a bar spoon...more like an ice maker, and dishwasher.... -that's 5,000-8,000£- but I'm sure some second-hand will be cheaper

9. licence, and papers and courses I need to do -that's 1,850£

10. ANYTHING ELSE...extra 2,000£ (like reusable takaway-cups?)

/11. my first pay;> ...1000£ will do fine, but let's not think about that now:>

ohhhh and 12- ART supplies, books and magazines- crayons for the kids and Vogue for the big ones;>

so the minimum I NEED TO GET TOGETHER IS 28,261...£ OK ...



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