Poncheros - Poncho Heros Helping Small Businesses

by Carolyn Strand in Angmering, England, United Kingdom

Poncheros - Poncho Heros Helping Small Businesses


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Before C19 arrived I had a plan! My poncho-tastic plan was to bring to the UK items made by small family makers around the world.

by Carolyn Strand in Angmering, England, United Kingdom

The Great Poncho Plan

The Poncho Plan was great - we had makers in Bali, India, Mexico, Guatemala and more, ready to take orders.  They were excited - a fair price for their work and a new customer to sell to.  The UK Import agents were all ready too - they love bringing in good quality lines and supporting small business.  It was ALL SO EXCITING!! 

And then 'it' happened.  We are not giving in to 'it'!!

We have a small selection of products already in from India and Bali and apart from ponchos being absolutely brilliant (especially when working from home in your PJ's and you realise you have a video conference in 2 minutes or the boss Skypes unexpectedly!), we want to send a clear message to our family factories across the globe that we aren't giving up on them, that we will do whatever we can to make Poncheros happen.

In good news, we've ended up with a much better name than the original one!

Why Get Involved?

So we're not quite going to change the world 'one poncho at a time' but we will offer some hope and stability to the small family businesses across the globe, as well as our UK importers who work hard to make sure that our products are ethically produced using sustainable materials, and that all the workers are paid full and fair market prices. Hope that their businesses, as well as ours will weather this storm in the long run.

Apart from this, ponchos are of course awesome!  They have so many uses, are ideal for travel, go with anything (even your PJ's), any time of year and are even a great and thoughtful gift for nursing mothers. A stylish alternative to a cardigan and perfect for adding an extra layer or changing up an outfit, and of course one size fits all, you get a fantastic poncho by supporting this cause.

Choose Your Reward

We have two styles of Ponchos currently available for you - The first is this wonderfully soft 100% Cotton Poncho from India.  Available in a choice of 6 colours.

Poncheros Ponchos from India

Our Second Choice of reward is one of these beautiful Double-Knit Ponchos from Bali - fabulous for day and evening wear!

Want to support Ethical Trading and Small Businesses but don't fancy a poncho? 

No problem, we also have the alternative option of an ethically sourced gecko for your wall!  Available in 2 styles, these hand painted wooden wall decorations are guaranteed to brighten up the darkest corner! Each one is painted slightly differently and all are crafted by hand in Indonesia.

We are also offering discounted vouchers for future purchases with great incentives to get a bit extra in return.  Vouchers will be provided by email and redeemable at poncheros.co.uk as soon as we are live. We are working on it now but have to get the stock for you first! Buying these vouchers will allow us order the stock from our makers and bring hope and support to the entire ethical supply chain at this extraordinary time.

If you have managed to read this far, well done and thank you!

If you have decided to support us, thank you, you are a Poncho Hero!

This is our first Crowdfunder, if it goes well, we will be able to order more lovely things from our makers and make the world just that little bit better, one poncho at a time!

All rewards will be dispatched when our campaign ends, so we're keeping it short and sweet.

Carolyn & The Poncheros

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Let's make 'Poncheros - Poncho Heros Helping Small Businesses' happen

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