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The aim is to create safe secure lorry parking with access to fantastic washroom and restaurant facilities whilst generating a profit.

by Lord-Ash Leaning in West Camel, England, United Kingdom

              Ok, well, my name is Ash. I'm 31 years old. Had a cracking education and now I'm a lorry driver (not a bad thing, just a bit ironic). I've just spent a year truck driving on interstate in Australia mostly hauling refridgerated and general freight with B-doubles. Its been a blast! Met so many nice people and got paid to see parts of Australia that most holiday makers would never see (as well as the live/work side of Australia). Beautiful country with lots of potential! 

              Whilst I was there, I noticed how much cleaner and organised the truckstops are, including the selection and quality of food on offer, especially in the metropolitan areas. But it all began well before visiting Australia. The dream to provide a fantastic solution to the ever important problem of living in a home away from home clicked when I conversed with a lady working in the West Thurrock services near Dartford (UK). When she said, 'That'll be £35.50 then please.' I said,

'Sorry, but just out of interest how many lorries are parked here tonight?' She replied,

'About 300'.....and that was when the penny dropped. I'll let you do the maths. I couldn't help but think, excuse me?......£35.50 for a horrible tarmac surface covered in potholes and smelling of urine, with cheap nasty shower blocks made of chip board covered in mould that stink of garlic as well as dinner for one; burger king. Disgusting. No wonder why the industry is dying off. So many old boys leaving, with no fresh blood coming into the transport industry to replace them. I don't blame them. I would have kept the £5k or so I've spent on all my licences and extra driving qualifications if I knew what I was getting into. But that can all change. What we need is someone somewhere who can stand up in front of everyone and say, right, we can do better than this.....It's time we don't get our diesel pinched. It's time we don't get our cargo tampered with. It's time we can park somewhere safe off the public highway. Somewhere I can wash with decent facilities. Somewhere I can eat a plate of healthy nutritious food after a 15 hour day on the road. Somewhere I feel safe.

             My vision is to do exactly that, but at the same time make money. 300 x 35.50 = 10,650, just to let you know. I don't think I'd quite be charging £35.50 per night per truck, as West Camel (Somerset, UK) is obviously nowhere near London, hence, our rates would be cheaper but your lorry will still be safe and secure in the truckstop and I will be able to supply fantastic washroom facilities as well as a restaurant for pub grub trucker food. Many drivers actually pack their own food, so.....£20 without food, £30 with a food coupon. The money making will not be coming from the restaurant and washrooms as this is just for creature comforts, but will be coming from the parking.

            If I can achieve this, with the help of investors, I will be very happy. I've never set up something as big as this before and I've never done anything big with the intent of helping a large community of people as well as make a lot of money from it. It will be creating jobs, helping provide security, give the local highway what it needs as well as produce a return to any investor.

            The site will be 10 acres big, around the back of 'Waynes Bistro and Bar', just off the A303 near West Camel serving the main artery between London and the South West. Serious investors only please. £1000 minimum per investment with a £200 return to any investor on top of initial investment. The whole project should take no longer than 1 month to create, and no longer than 10 years to repay. I hope this explains enough. £5 million total needed covering purchase of land, planning fees, civil engineer costs plus an existing building for the restaurant and washrooms. Feel free to contact me for any more information. I will keep everyone updated with the progress of the site and I am happy to show my accounts to everyone so we are all clear as to how much I can return, at what rate, with a reward on top too. Thank you.


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