Poltair School and Community Defibrillator

by Poltair School in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

Poltair School and Community Defibrillator
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On 16th November 2018 we successfully raised £683 with 32 supporters in 56 days

We're raising money to provide a life saving Defibrillator for Poltair School and the surrounding community to help save lives.

by Poltair School in St. Austell, England, United Kingdom

Did you know that each year between 80,000 and 120,000 people suffer

a cardiac arrest in a public place in the UK?

Cardiac arrest can affect anyone, even children - speedy defibrillation saves lives!

Young people are at risk to Cardiac Arrest as their hearts are still growing and developing strength.

They are also susceptible to Cardiac Arrest following a sharp blow to the chest, this can happen during sports.

The only definitive treatment for a victim of Cardiac Arrest is effective CPR and early defibrillation, which must be administered within 3-5 minutes following collapse, this boosts survival chances from 6% to 74%.

We are raising funds to purchase a defibrillator for our school and local community.

We would hope that there would never be any cause to use it, however, just knowing it was there would bring huge peace of mind - not only to our staff, but also to parents and members of the surrounding community; it would also be registered with the local ambulance service.

The lifesaving equipment would be placed in an easy to reach location outside of the school. It would be fully automatic (no specific training would be needed to use it as the machine itself does most of the work).


We are trying to raise £2500 - this will fund the equipment and initial training.

Any donations we receive, no matter how small, will make a huge difference!

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