Polly's Angels

Polly's Angels

We raise funds to help people diagnosed with illness e.g. cancer that massively impacts on their lives. Financial Impact or emotional.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Please visit our website to find out further details of the events that we hold to fundraise and how the charity works. We are currently supporting fundraising events on behalf of a lady called Polly Haydock. Polly was diagnosed with cancer in October 2015 and told that she is terminal in July 2016. We have supported funding for investigations and treatment in Germany (Immunotherapy). Polly is still alive and fighting with our help.

Polly’s Angels appreciate any support we receive whether that is by financial donations or by individual’s supporting the charity by holding an event for us, or volunteering to be involved in events we hold.

Cancer and  other Illness such as Dementia and Alzheiers can impact massively on people's lives. This can be financial or emotional.  We aim to help by providing support to fundraise to help towards the costs of investigations and/or treatment. We also provide support to others by providing a listening ear, or helping with fundraising ideas. Our plight so far has raised a lot of hope for people, in that a diagnosis doesn't necessarily mean this is the end. There can be hope and we support the fight. People have the right to Live!

Celebrities have generously supported our cause. See the photo's and video's by visiting Polly's Angels.