Politicians to court for abusing power

by Stuart muirhead in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Politicians to court for abusing power


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Politicians are using the police force for personal reasons, I am holding 5 such remain politicians accountable for this

by Stuart muirhead in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

On my twitter account I posted a picture of a crossbow, 2 knives and a handgun I own (all legal) it wasn't sent to anybody and just on my page.  Somebody else took this picture and sent it to 5 politicians with the words "we are ready for civil war are you". 4 days later I was raided by 3 riot police, 10 officers, 3 were armed. They arrested me, took my weapons collection, laptops, kids tablets, 3 mobile phones, jewellery, a smart watch and 2 high Vis jackets. Upon arresting me they threw me into the cage in the back of the policevan. I swore at them and they slapped on a public order claiming I did it outside the van (I have CCTV proof that the police LIED). They released me on bail after have arrested someone else who fully confessed and has proof it was their account. They bailed me for the legal 28 days then got CPS to sign me off on bail for longer, even though I have done nothing wrong, I was given no due process as I could not dispute this extension even though legally I should of had that option. I put in a complaint which has been repeatedly ignored and told I couldn't complain while on bail. At the end of the 3 month extension which is legally when I should be charged or let go I was told I'm off bail but under investigation which means they keep all my stuff. My guns and my laptop are my lifeline to live, I lost all my part time work of hunting and cannot carry on being a photographer without my laptop. With no phone I can't order my tablets to keep my physical pain at bay. No solicitor will take the case on with legal aid buy I have a case if I paid privately. 

The police have acted out of their jurestiction after being pushed and leaned on by politicians due to my political views and I want those politicians to be held accountable and the police force too.

The politicians involved are Anna soubry, chucka umunna, Angela Smith, David lammy and Sarah wollastan.

Let's make 'Politicians to court for abusing power' happen

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