Political Earthquake

by UK National Party in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

Political Earthquake
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Have a government led by the people for the people. To remove corruption from the avenues of power. To make Britain, GREAT Britain again!!

by UK National Party in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

We live in peculiar times.  Each day it seems as though people, and society in general, are becoming stranger, more disconnected with intelligence, knowledge and reality; and main-stream politicians and governments are all to enthusiastic in promoting this course. Concurrently, the entertainment industry are more concerned with producing programmes and films with identity politics and political ideologies being the main concern over story telling than actually producing a good product, more-so marketing the move is all about politics and group identity; and if you don't like it you are labelled as someone who is misguided, evil, bigoted, racist, etc. Mainstream news outlets have also ‘jumped on the band-wagon’, editing news to sell a particular narrative to promote newspeak and division; even vetting live audiences to comply with the narratives being presented to TV audiences.  What is worse is education has also taken this route.  It would appear that identity politics, group identities and false realities are being produced, marketed and directed at children and young adults to indoctrinate them into potentially dangerous ideologies and mindsets e.g. treating boys as girls and girls as boys, ignoring science for the sake of inclusion, cherry-picking from the real truth to give a false view of reality, and demonisation of others who do not follow a given narrative, etc. - it is like governments are promoting division and negative discourse.  Is it any wonder why society is a much stranger place to be than it was in the past?; is it that hard to believe that civilised intelligent society itself is in danger of collapsing?; is it really that hard to believe fascism today is being pushed and promoted by those who claim to be antifascists; and is it that hard to realise freedom is being attacked, reduced and ignored for the promoted excuse of defending and protecting the public by the very people who make the decisions that increase the potential dangers to people in their respected countries.  

We have to remember freedom is very hard to achieve and maintain but very easy to give away; and we are always but a few years from freedom disappearing under the cloud, fog, and newspeak of a powerful unaccountable self-serving government who has far too much control of our education (what we see, hear and taught), our police service and our personal lives.  With half of society not even paying attention to the totalitarian EU government and the power it is attempting to acquire or the fact that for the last 40 years mainstream parties have failed to govern for the majority (the quality of life for all has reduced considerably, that is unless you are inside the ‘London bubble’) or follow through on their election promises; with the majority forgetting and ignoring the self-serving characteristics of members of established parties; with some ignoring the power given to police authorities and the biases in law, and with our personal lives being monitored and personal data stored in servers around the world, a large part of society are openly, freely and knowingly giving away freedoms that have taken 100,00s of years to acquire.  Society, in general, has become complacent in the very area were complacency leads to considerable damage to societal health and the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for.  We must not be complacent or ignorant any more for the sake of the future.

There is a problem in society today that has been ignored for a while; it concerns those we elect as our politicians.  The Brexit vote brought to ahead how disillusioned, disappointed and frustrated people are with the UK’s place in the world, our relationship with the EU and how confident we are about the politicians we elect to represent us nationally and internationally.  Elections have become a choice of choosing the best of the worst that is on offer.  The prime problem is people believe in smooth talking sales pitches, they believe in the promises the politicians make, they believe politicians when they say they can make a difference (even when failed and untrustworthy politicians make the statements; and when politicians avoid answering questions and give newspeak instead).  It is the same every election time and every time the British people are left with a sour taste in their mouth and a feeling of being duped and betrayed once again (it is why parties have a regular change in leadership and front bench makeup – to present the impression that something new is on offer). The Brexit vote illustrates how divided people are.  Half of the population have confidence in the UK to make it’s own way in the world, like the country did in it’s past, and can change the political landscape for the good once Brussels cannot interfere with British governance; and half are fearful and have trepidation that the UK can survive without the EU for support and protection (and main-stream politicians have played on these fears and created a more hostile division in the country).  But, it would seem that both sides have a common concern; the conscious or subconscious awareness that the quality, honesty and trustworthiness of the politicians in the avenues of government are incapable of governing for, defending and providing opportunities for the majority of the people in the country.  The quality of politicians and the manner in which they manipulate votes are the problems that needs to be overcome and there is not much time to affect change.

Boris ((the showman, the entertainer, the wealthy charlatan, the personality in a personality vacuum), the second leader of the country in four years that less than 1% (including children) of 1/10 of the country voted for) and the Brexit party offers people new but false hope and signs are already there (multi-millionaire networks, close relationship with bankers, a cabinet full of diverse abject failures, and false promises without any details (and possible sale / privatisation of the NHS)) – same old story but with more entertainment and more personality giving false impressions that something is changing.  Time to save civilised society and the true meaning of democracy in the UK is running out.  We are rapidly moving towards something that is more on par with the old soviet union than the shining light of a free democratic society.  We cannot and should not standby and hope that the next set of politicians (lobbied by multi-millionaires) will affect positive change to reverse the decline of an integrated civilised British culture.  The majority needs to stand and be heard, they need to be represented by hard working people in government that will remove privilege and corruption from all avenues of government.  

The country needs people that are passionate about preserving and improving our quality of life and people who care about the future and do not wish a poorer outcome for our children and their children’s children.  The country needs people who still have pride, have confidence and the will to make a difference, who are not afraid of the difficult choices which need to be made and who will stand steadfast against powerful people and fight for their conviction.  The country needs people who will one day look back, remember and reflect on the period they put effort, time and (I hate to say it but) the British bull dog spirit into something that really made a positive difference in the country and changed the political landscape for the greater good.  The country needs you, just like it needed the heroes of the past we remember every year on remembrance day!!

We must work together to make a difference and send shock-waves to the political elites, no only in the UK but worldwide.  I have created a summary of a detailed manifesto with which to register a political party (probable name the U.K. National Party) – see link below; one which does not shy away from difficult problems and does not give wishy-washy promises – the manifesto is based on a book I published a few years ago - “The Enigma of Self-determination”.  But, I cannot do it alone.  I need a team; a team that will work coherently not for their own self interest but for the interests of the country; a team that understands the difficult task ahead and not afraid to challenge the ‘big boys’.  I need help with funding to get the message out about what the party represents and I understand money is tight (anything you can give will help and be appreciated (I do not have access to millionaire networks)) – (see info on page and note below), more importantly, I need representatives with many different skills, abilities and knowledge (a staggering and unbelievable 650 representatives (at least) for each electoral area for the whole of the United Kingdom) which are willing to give some time and effort to make a real difference and bring about positive change – if your interested please send a Facebook message indicating your name, a little about your background and your constituency you are willing to represent – www.Facebook.com/enigmaofdetermination (this is temporary until I can register party).  The party needs a party treasurer, a nominating officer (these two can be the same person), and campaigns officer; I will be attempting to gain partnership with other minor parties and movements across the UK to form a coalition of parties working for a common goal based on the manifesto promises.  I cannot guarantee an ‘easy ride’, we will be up against some very powerful people with substantial funding – this notwithstanding, I am not one to shy away from difficult challenges and I tend to overcome them.  But, I can guarantee the promises made in the manifesto I intend to deliver to the country if / once we are in a position to; and as long as I have a big enough team to work with, with the same passion and drive to make a difference, I know we can deliver on the promises and reverse the damage caused by successive main-stream parties for the last 30-40years.  

I Hope you will read the manifesto in its fullness, comment or critique the specifics (if necessary) and become actively involved one way or another.  It is time to even the odds and bring about a fair and balanced ‘playing-field’ in all areas and levels in the country. I know we can do it together.  So what are you waiting for, lets cause some earthquakes, lets re-balance power and give it back to the hard working people of Britain.  Lets make Britain, Great Britain once again, before it is too late!!!! 

Link to Political Manifesto:


Note: The money will be donated to a political party.  Permissibility checks, in accordance with and compliance to the electoral rules will be undertaken for funds equalling to and greater than: £50 for candidates, £500 for political parties; and donor details may be published.  Donors name, address, amount donated, date of recorded donation, and date of accepted donations will be recorded according to the rules and guidance given by the electoral commission.  The donors address must also be on the relevant statutory register.  Donors that do not satisfy the list of acceptable criteria will have their donations refused or returned.

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