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We did it
On 1st September 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Inspiring climate action on the road from each pole to Paris, where the United Nations climate change conference COP21 will take place.

by catloujones in Paris

Our Aim: 

Pole to Paris is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of inspiring climate action (www.poletoparis.com).

About Us: 

In December 2015, in Paris the United Nations will meet to negotiate a “climate deal” at the 21st Congress of the Parties (COP21). The deal will pave the way to a global carbon free future via reduction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. This will be the culmination of efforts by hundreds of policy makers, thousands of scientists and millions of activists which provide the basis upon which a decision will be made. That meeting will dictate the future of billions of people. This is most certainly no overstatement. The decisions to be made involve humanity’s positive actions to respond to climate change.

Pole to Paris is a journey to help reestablish the narrative on climate change. It will be the people's story, no politics, no finger pointing. Daniel Price (PhD in Antarctic Climate), is cycling 17,000 km from Brisbane to Paris, while Erlend Moster Knudsen (PhD in Arctic Climate), runs 3000 km from Tromsø to Paris. Together with the rest of our young team, we spread the word and share the stories from the people's perspective with guidance from the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP (http://www.undp.org) and other partners.

We aim to captivate the public and arrive in Paris for COP21 in December with a global following that demands action.

It is crucial this conference is successful. 

Follow us and help us ensure that we finally start to address the most important issue of our time: https://www.facebook.com/poletoparis?fref=ts.

Why crowdfunding?

This journey is fully funded by the team and our drive to make tangible change to the climate change issue. As the journey gets bigger and covers more ground and people, we need more funds to push through. We did not ancitipate the project would reach the heights it has, but we now have successfully made a platform to raise vunerable voices to be heard at COP21. We just need some extra help to achieve this. 











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