Poker Fund for Epilepsy Awareness

Poker Fund for Epilepsy Awareness

Raising funds towards the awareness of epilepsy and a chance to get you a good ROI %

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi there, a bit about me:

I am 38 years old from south wales and have 2 children with epilepsy and know the struggles that parents and children go through with this terrible illness. I have done numerous successful charity events raising thousands for the charity so this time I thought I would use my skills to offer you the chance to contribute some funds and also have the chance to make a return of your investment.

I am a successful poker player and has the idea of a challenge player this wonderful game, my statistics are below:

MrLindholme total profit £5,234 games 452
BRSplayerX total profit £1,129 games 555
BRSpokerX total profit £949 games 91

Statistics can be confirmed by searching on
 My idea is to play 100 twister tourneys minimum a day for a week buy in $2 i will contribute £100 and i am looking for £100 from crowdfunding. £200 will be enough in these tourneys as its 3 handed games with a buy in off $2 and winner takes all, but there is a chance of a jackpot of 2,000 euros. Aslo the person who tops the leaderboard gets 250 euros. Thats not all because once on the leaderboard (easy to get on) you play a special invite tourney which takes place every Monday where is gets an average of 30 players and winner takes down another 200 euro , also included is the share of any winnings from the games.
so as follows:
I will have 50 % for £100 and if in profit (should easily be) i will give anything over the £100 to the chosen charity
I will be selling 5% chunks for £10 and you will get 50% of any profits made, it would be nice if you could give a % of your winnings towards my chosen charity but thats entirely up to you.
Anybody whos investing can have any personal details from me and can get in touch anytime to ask any questions. 
The games will be played on Coral Poker a very well known bookmakers whos Ipoker network is one of the leading companies in a profitable game.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts