poets raise money for corona virus

by Kara fundraises with poetry in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

poets raise money for corona virus


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we want to use our original poetry to raise money for https://covidmutualaid.org/

by Kara fundraises with poetry in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

We're a collective of poets affiliated with incite theatre. Our poets include Jessica Breheny, Davidione C. Pearl, Douglas Park, James Maughn, Clare Engenoi Smythe, Alicia Radage, Kara Reilly. They read their own original work in response to social isolation and the corona virus.

The goal is to raise money for the Corona Mutual Aid Groups, which care for the most vulnerable in London. 

So if you have the price of a latte to spare, consider giving it to people who struggle to pay for life's basic necessities. This include unemployed people who are struggling to feed themselves during this crisis. 

If you want us to read or write you a poem, write to us. 

Join us in celebrating the fact that life=art.

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