My aim is to self publish My true story If I can help stop child abuse by writing wrongs then my history has served some purpose

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My aim is to self publish My true story this book contains real evidence with part story and poem  i feel i should give a taster of what i write in the hope of public understanding it has taken my soul to join the lost child and women that I have become to write this story           


















As I sit and read all the fears I have feared Come rolling back ashamed of myself now reading back records retrieved !

The shock of how I  wanted  to go back !

Words I'd spoken set a ball in motion !

So while you sit and question words I'd spoken  from childhood distress to a women seeking freedom from adult cover ups now compressed within me from records retrieved tears and fears come hounding me how could it be I wanted to go back ! 

A childhood lost was it me words I'd spoken to release me yet entrapped in a system that left me to endure more acts of abuse  continue to steal the innocence from me!

So you may question me a child that spoke words of I Want To Go Back I'll simply say continue to read the story ahead from judgments to harsh reality and ask yourself  the question !

Where would you rather be instead !

Words I'd said set my future afire 

Go back words I'd said to them instead xxx

 my hope is  If I can help stop  one child  from being  abused in everyway by writing wrongs then my history has served some purpose my aim will be to publish and hopefully raise  funds to open a healing group through writing  and to progress to a more accessible supported network and continue to write books from parenting after abuse I would love to have your support and with each donation I shall forward a free copy of the finished book I wish I had another way to raise funds other than to seek the public help but I have a story that needs to be told huge love and many thanks in advance Jen xx please support my Facebook page poeticinjustice  xx