Poems for £s

Poems for £s

A soon-to-be postgraduate literature student seeking funds to help pay for tuition fees. Personalised gifts up for grabs!

We did it!

On 24th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £655 with 22 supporters in 28 days


Hello and welcome to my crowdfunding project, thank you very much for stopping by. I'm a London-based writer and blogger about to embark on a postgraduate degree in contemporary literature and culture at Birkbeck, looking to raise £1000 to put towards learning materials and my first instalment of tuition fees.

My story

I've always been good at writing, but due to a turbulent home life which resulted in me having to change schools several times throughout my childhood, I wasn't able to reach my full academic potential until much later than most of my peers. After pretty much failing my GCSEs at the age of 16, it took me a little while to gain both the grades and the confidence to apply for university, but when I did finally make it at the age of 25 something told me that I would never look back, and so far I haven't.

There's no denying that university was a huge challenge, but learning at undergraduate level did wonders for my self-esteem, providing me with an abundance of knowledge and transferable skills that have helped me to gain professional employment within an industry that I'm passionate about. It is now my hope that through completing a master's degree I will acquire the level of confidence, academic skill and subject expertise required to advance my career as a professional writer and editor.

Why do I need funding?

Since accepting my place at Birkbeck, I've come to two realisations; the first is that there is very little funding available for literature students, and the second is that much of the funding that is available is somehow unavailable to me. The reasons for this range from my being too old (over 25), to the fact that I finished my undergraduate degree before the current £9,000 per year tuition fee was implemented.

It is due to this lack of financial support that I've decided to work full-time throughout my studies and apply for a small career development loan to help make the monthly fee payments more affordable. Whilst I'm optimistic that my loan application will be approved, I'm not sure exactly when the money will come through.

Securing my place

And this is where my campaign comes in. To secure a place on my chosen course, which is due to commence in early October, I've been advised to enrol and pay my first instalment of tuition fees sooner rather than later. Having recently relocated to one of the most expensive cities in the world and being in the process of moving from my current shared (and very grimy!) accommodation to my own appartment, I'm not in a position to do this just yet.

As such, I'm hoping to raise a total of £1000 to cover the first installment of my tuition fees and help pay for the books and other learning materials that I'll need to start the course in October. 

What's in it for you?

If you're able to donate even a pound or two I'll be eternally grateful for your help, and to prove my appeciation I pledge to send to everyone who gives a donation of £10 or more a little something in return. Please see below for details.

  • £10+ A personalised letter of thanks. 
  • £20+ A personalised letter of thanks plus a specially selected gift.
  • £50+ A personalised letter of thanks plus a short poem on a subject of your choice.
  • £100+ A personalised letter of thanks, a short poem on a subject of your choice and a special dedication in my final dissertation.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign. If you have any questions or want to get in touch for any other reason, please feel free to email me at poems-for-pounds@outlook.com. You can also find out more about me and my writing by visiting www.madelainebowman.com.


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