Podrick the Blind Labradoodle Puppy needs surgery

by Denise Rodwell in Liphook, England, United Kingdom

Podrick the Blind Labradoodle Puppy needs surgery
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To try and save Pods leg from amputation as he has enough to cope with, being blind too!

by Denise Rodwell in Liphook, England, United Kingdom

We brought Podrick home at 11weeks old. He was such a quiet but loving soul. We immediately fell in love with him. He was amazing over the first night, no crying at all and slept through in his crate until 6am! Amazing! The next day, I went to an appointment and came home after 2hrs. My husband immediately announced that I needed to sit down as he had news to tell me about Pod. He’d had to take him to the vets as he’d noticed he’d been bumping into things and when he looked at his eyes, they were flicking around in his head. My husband, being a Nurse, recognised the problem and took him straight to the vets. 

Pod has congenital cataracts and is blind. The vets referred us to a specialist eye centre and we went to have an assessment. The cataracts are removable, but the chance of restoring his vision is low as the we may have missed the development period between his brain and eyes, which would help him process vision. He would need two surgeries and this price would be just under £10,000.

We thought long and hard about the eye surgery, and decided that as he had been blind from birth, was extremely happy, confident and playful, that we couldn’t proceed with trying to find funding for major surgery that wasn’t a high chance of success. Other senses are more important than sight for dogs, so we feel confident he can live a happy and fulfilled life without it.

In the meantime, his sister, Peggy came to live with us, so Pod could enjoy the benefits of puppy play, socialisation and interaction with another puppy. She’s adorable and has been so important in Pods life. We love them both so very much. 

They are now 21 weeks old and as the weather has become increasingly hot, we decided to have his hair trimmed. A mum friend of mine has just started her own grooming business so we booked Pod in. When i collected him, the shock of seeing his front left leg was horrific! Under all the fur, Pods leg was an S shape! Not more problems for poor Pod! 

The wonderful vet saw Pod immediately and he was booked in for xrays the very next morning. We went back to hear the results and it’s even more sad news for Pod. He has abnormal growth in his leg causing a painful deformity. So currently, we are facing two options for our gorgeous boy. The first, most preferable, but expensive option is surgery. He needs this to happen within 7-10 days and the cost is circa £2,000. He would then need another surgery at the same cost 8 weeks later. This would be to cut into the bone that’s stopped growing, taking a piece approximately 5cm in length out, and then the same again, to encourage the bone to grow back into the space, therefore straightening his leg.

The other option which is cheaper but not ideal at all, is to amputate his leg. This is for us, I feel a last resort, although if he over exercises before any surgery, the bone may become displaced from his elbow and we would have no choice but to amputate. The cost of this is £1,000 and couldn’t be done until he is fully grown as the pressure it would put on his ‘good’ leg may damage his growth plates in that leg if he had the bad leg removed before growth had fully completed.

When Pod was around 16 weeks old, he slipped in the garden and hurt his back legs, we had to have £500 of xrays then and I’ve just paid another £500 for this latest lot and pain relief medication. Poor Pod has had such an unbelievable start to life and yet still is full of love and shows no grumpiness at all, despite being in pain with his leg. 

Pod is insured but this isn’t covered by the insurance. We want to help Pod and are devastated that we don’t have access to immediate funds to help him. Neil, my husband of 11years, is a palliative care Nurse for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and I run a small business from home making personalised toys, gifts and clothing. We have two amazing girls aged 8 and 6 and we have rescued several small furries along with our dogs. As a busy household, raising two kids, running two cars and all the other things life throws at you, we are unable to fund this shocking and unexpected surgery and I am asking for help! Please help Pod achieve the life he deserves by having this leg surgery. Any contribution, big or small, or a share or tell your friends... I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart. Life throws these challenges at us and if we keep positive and focussed I know we can all make this happen for Podrick.

Thank you for your time, Denise xxx

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