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PocketPolitics aims to maintain decorum in the UK political discourse. A new approach to discussing politics constructively.

by Pocket Politics in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Politics is everywhere, and now more than ever people are sharing their opinion on current affairs. 

Whilst there are mediums for social discussions, they are not designed from the ground up to encourage constructive and healthy debate. We want to change that!

With different feeds to discover; from local government affairs to national debates, users can dip in and out of discussions on any matter whenever they please. 

1616599676_moderation.pngOur unique moderation approach will identify posts that use aggressive and/or vulgar language, send them for review before appearing on the discussion feed. Users are therefore encouraged from the outset to engage politely and with thought in order to have their thoughts shared without delay.

1616599553_discussions.pngFocus on elected officials that represent your interests, engage in discussions that matter to you. Stay updated by seeing news directly affecting your area.

1616599807_responses.pngWe feel "likes" and "reactions" are rather limited tools to judge how something is perceived. Instead, we've opted for a rating model. Responses will be collated and form "feedback".

1616600098_calander.pngNever miss an important political event by seeing scheduled events hosted by officials. Why not attend the next town council meeting to discuss local issues? By having events managed by officials, focus is on authentic opportunities to discuss policy.

What will we use generous funding for?

Building a fully responsive web and mobile application is a rather costly business. We'd love to make it as fair, accessible, and useful as possible. The more money we raise, the more we can afford to have ready at launch. That's it! 

Oh, and we'd use a little for advertising too. However we would much prefer referrals from happy members!


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Your name will appear in the credit section of the app for everyone to see!

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- Inclusive of previous rewards - Pre-register your account and unlock an exclusive badge which identifies you as a "founding fundraiser". Badges will feature heavily across the platform, and this is your only opportunity to unlock this one!

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- Inclusive of previous rewards - Your account will be authorised to post in a unique feed for founding fundraisers.

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I'm in..

- Inclusive of other rewards - Access to behind the scenes development and progress updates directly from us. You'll be the first to experience the platform as our closed-beta testers. Have any ideas? We'll be open to your ideas which might be added as features into the platform!

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