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We are raising funds to create an interesting, friendly and enjoyable multiplayer mobile game for dragon lovers of all ages.

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2014 we successfully raised £6,066 of £6,000 target with 133 supporters in 28 days

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Pocket Drakes aspires to be the exciting and friendly Free to Play mobile game for all ages.

As a university student the idea was originated among many others but it quickly became clear that this not only reflected on my own world but also had the potential to be an interesting and enjoyable multiplayer mobile game that many could love. We are going to create a game that brightens player’s days while being available to players of all ages, thus delivering a suitable message for this.

There is no denying that many games on the mobile market contain both excellent gameplay and graphics, however a great proportion of theses contain aggression and glorify warfare. In a world so negative it’s important to have games which demonstrate more than this. A positive message and friendly atmosphere tied together with addictive gameplay.

Concept art of Levels

Concept art of Hatching Scene

Pocket Drakes takes the player on a journey of creation, customizing a dragon that can be raised through an interesting reward system while the player participates in mini games hatching dragon eggs. One example of a mini games is inspired by a Whac-A-Mole style casual gameplay in which the player controls a dragon mother's fire breathe keeping her unhatched babies warm enough to hatch.

 Candy Flossy ConceptsConcept Candy Flossy

In the level based system there are a range of different goals that the player has the opportunity to achieve in order to earn the precious gold reward. This can then be spent on personalizing his or her own dragon. In the reward shop the player can acquire additional dragon features, support tokens for mini games, and even new breeds of dragons with different kind of abilities. Imagine heating the eggs with a Hydra dragon mother that has seven heads with seven times the fire power!

This project has been my dream for a year and requires a true team to bring it to life. I need licenses for software such as Unity 3d and 3ds Max, and to support my professionals. This has prevented the game from becoming more than a prototype.

I am thrilled to be forming my dream team and working on a game I have felt so fervent about for so long.

I am reaching out to Crowdfunder, Queen of Code, dragon lovers and all gamers to help make this project a reality.

Together we can make a game for all ages, cultures and genders.

 Generic Dragon Concept Art

Thank you for your support,

The Pocket Drakes team via Picnic Gaming:

Bianka KovacsCale FirgrenCharlotte HallNicholas BrownJakir Hussain

New dragons are born every day. Follow us on Twitter @PocketDrakes and on Facebook.com/PocketDrakes to see the newest members of the dragon family and to see the game coming to life!

We are in partnership with GREENLIGHT GAMES!

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