Plymouth Wrestling needs a tag team partner!

Plymouth Wrestling needs a tag team partner!

We are Plymouth Wrestling Association! Help us bodyslam our target of £600 to bring more exciting family friendly entertainment to Plymouth!

We did it!

On 20th May 2016 we successfully raised £630 of £600 target with 18 supporters in 21 days

Become our tag team partner!

Plymouth Wrestling Association is a local wrestling promotion run by Plymothians who employ many Plymouth-based performers. We provide opportunities, exposure and finances to established and aspiring performers to help them better their careers inside and outside of the wrestling ring. Our staff invest their finances into local businesses & the community.

Why we need your help

The total cost of running wrestling shows adds up quite quickly. As such, we want your help to give us a boost in helping run future shows for our fans, invest in merchandise and put over PWA as a true Plymouth attraction.


The world's biggest and most popular wrestling company WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is coming to Plymouth this June with their developmental brand NXT, the show of which is now sold out. A lot of wrestling fans don't realise that there is actually a local wrestling company right on their door step! We want to reach out to them, entertain them and expand our reach to heights that we know we are capable of!

PWA trades with many local businesses, such as The Art Side and Il Pleut. All of our promotional material and merchandise is made in Plymouth by Plymouth companies so the money made from our shows is ploughed straight back into the Plymouth business sector & economy.

Furthermore, we support local charities! Over the last year, we have been involved in many charitable activities, such as raising money for the Plymouth Foodbank. We have supplied them with hundreds of pounds worth of groceries and helped up their profile in the city.


We also support the creative arts and education in Plymouth. We hold most of our shows at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts, so every show we do means the school gets a financial investment from us. We employ a local photographer and local film crew to cover our shows, providing them with experience, finances and credits to add to their respective CV’s.

We bring hundreds of people into the city. Although our core fanbase is from Plymouth, we attract people from places like Liskeard and Exeter, giving other local businesses the chance to benefit from their visit.

We provide first-rate entertainment for Plymouth. We are an attraction and a great night out for many people of all age groups and backgrounds in the city. We bring something different to the city on a regular basis which no one else is offering.

Some of our fans have a very tough life, living with disabilities, medical conditions, poverty, problems at home, bullying and many more social and emotional issues. Our shows give them something to look forward to and give them a bit of escapism. Some of our wrestlers are also role models and heroes to them, which encourages them to stay positive and do well in life.


What you get for your pledge

For pledging to our cause, we're offering some fantastic rewards that money can't buy in normal situations! For example:

  • You get the chance to be a guest ring announcer at a future show, escort your favourite wrestler to the ring or even hang out with PWA staff & roster prior to a show.
  • In addition, we're designing brand new t-shirts for PWA Heavyweight Champion Tyler Hawke and "The English Lion" Eddie Ryan and producting our very first DVD release, in particular, for our recent 7th Anniversary Show! We're offering signed copies of the DVD for certain pledges also!
  • Every single pledge comes with a brand new PWA Sticker and a signed 'Thank You' Card from the PWA staff & roster. Some rewards also include your name into the thank you list that's going to be featured on the DVD!
  • But wait, there's more! We also offering a fitness class with Tyler Hawke and other PWA stars and even business sponsorship with PWA!

If we successfully overfund the project, this will enable us to:

  • Save up and invest in our own ring entrance and ring, cutting down costs for future shows
  • Putting down deposits for future venue hire
  • Offer more support to local charities and businesses
  • Advertise more thoroughly for future shows, physically and digitally
  • Invest in more merchandise, meaning we'll have even more to offer our fans

Our Story

PWA was founded by brothers John & Simon Harding back in 2009, to fill an obvious void in local wrestling and local entertainment in general. 7 years later, we have worked with the likes of former WWE superstar Joel Redman, Kid Kash, Joey Ryan, TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Wrestling Originals "The Cowboy" James Storm & "The Monster" Abyss & most recently, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, who put his title on the line against Plymouth's own "The English Lion" Eddie Ryan. This was the first time a world wrestling championship was defended in the city of Plymouth.

Furthermore, we have many firmly established and renowned wrestling stars who have been part of the PWA family for many years, including Tyler Hawke, "The Winner" PJ Jones, UK Dominator, Adira & many more! Now, under new management as of mid-2015 and with new and upcoming talent such as Jason King and Grayson Reeves, PWA have cemented themselves as the most genuine & unique wrestling promotion in the South West.

We want to spend many more years bringing the city of Plymouth the best in live & family friendly wrestling entertainment. The generated buzz after our most recent anniversary show is huge, and we want that passion and emotion to continue!

PWA would like to thank:

We will of course keep you updated regularly and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us here or on social media!

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Many thanks for taking the time out of your day to read our project and choosing to pledge your support!


- Luke Parnell for Plymouth Wrestling Association, staff & roster

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