Plymouth Food Action

Plymouth Food Action

Hi, Hate wasting food ? So do we ! Help us to support 3000 people in Plymouth by redistributing food that would otherwise be thrown away !

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, We still need your help to secure and redistribute even more supplies of surplus food to the vulnerable community members we and our partners support. Working together we can continue to support over 40 local projects and tackle both food waste and food poverty together. We currently support almost 3000 individuals i Plymouth every week. 

DCFA 'rescues' surplus food supplies from producers and retailers that would otherwise go to waste. These are then redistributed to other charities and organisations to provide food support for vulnerable community members. Created in 2010 we have, so far, recycled over 150 tonnes of food to over 90 organisations. The surplus we have saved has a retail value of over £500,000 and a carbon footprint of over 7tCO2. We help the elderly, families, those tackling addiction and lifestyle challenges, the homeless and veterans amongst others and are really grateful for the help of our partner organisations and, especially, our dedicated volunteers. We dont want to let them down but......

DCFA Plymouth has recently moved to a new home at Ocean Quay in Stonehouse and is currently experiencing a massive growth in demand for its services. Our freezers are full of supplies and we have new, well known suppliers but we desperately need funding to keep us going. We have freezers to maintain and a van that is needed to collect the supplies in the first place. The funding will ensure that our rent and utility bills can be paid and that we can guarantee collections and cover our volunteer expenses so that no-one is out of pocket. It doesn't take much to keep DCFA Plymouth going but we still need your help.