If you are running a crowdfunding project in Plymouth you may be eligible to receive up to £5,000 of funding from Plymouth City Council.

Five steps to get this funding for your project

1) Check if your project matches the criteria from Plymouth City Council and is eligible for funding (view the full criteria here)

2) Fill out this form (Please note that Plymouth City Council will not pledge towards projects with 'keep what you raise' or flexible funding as they may include unspecified expenditure.)

3) Add your project to Crowdfunder and make sure you set your project location to Plymouth

4) Launch your project on Crowdfunder and start collecting funds from the crowd

5) Demonstrate that your project has the support of the crowd by reaching 25% of your target

Once your project has reached at least 25% of the target, it will then be considered for a pledge from Plymouth City Council. If your application for funding is successful, Plymouth City Council will pledge towards your project. If your project is not eligible for funding then don't worry, you can still raise funds via the crowd.


  • Plymouth City Council will pledge directly onto your live Crowdfunder project.

  • The pledge from Plymouth City Council will count towards your Crowdfunder project target.

  • Once a pledge has been applied by Plymouth City Council, your project must raise the remaining money needed to reach 100% in order for you to receive those funds.

  • You must have a governing document (constitution, set of rules or equivalent) that show how your group or organisation is run and managed. If you are an individual we suggest you contact your local Councillors or Plymouth Octopus Project to find out about community groups that might support your idea.

About The City Change Fund (Plymouth City Council)

Plymouth City Council is committing £60,000 which it has received from developers though the Community Infrastructure Levyto pledge on projects that help improve the city and make it a better place to live, work and play. Projectsmeeting the criteria will be eligible for match funding from Plymouth Council up to 50 per cent of a project to a total of £5,000.

Where has Plymouth City Council's pledge money come from?

Plymouth has lots of development going on which impacts on the city. Developers pay a Community Infastructure Levy charge to offset these developments. Most of this money is spent helping to keep the city running like roads, schools, parks and health services... and some of it could be used for great local ideas - maybe your project! More >

How can you find out if your project would be eligible for match funding?

We're looking for projects that are near to developments that happened over the last year or that reduce the impact of development. View the full criteria or visit the Plymouth City Council website >