Plums Bar/Restaurant

Plums Bar/Restaurant

To open and run "Plums" the masculine alernative to the USA chain Hooters.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Im looking to raise funds to start a unique dining venue called "PLUMS" where you can enjoy good music and a variety of activities.

Serving all varieties of hotdog and sides.

The concept is a light hearted appreciation of the male form showcased under the "PLUMS" brand.

Think HOOTERS but with hot guys.

The venue you will be staffed by "PLUMS GUYS" wearing branded uniforms, obviously showcasing their plums in a hygenic yet fun way.

The idea being to expand into "PLUMS" merchandise and promote through social media.

Revenue streams will be from food and drink, merchandise and ad revenue from social media activity.

I will be looking to open the first venue in Brighton to capitalise on the Pink Pound and visiting Hen Dos.