Plugster® Disabled aid

My aim is to give a disabled aid I invented called The Plugster@ to Occupational Therapists so they can distribute to NHS patients

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Due to chronic illness I designed a simple disabled aid to help people with grip problems, conditions like Arthritis etc. Been supplying to the Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service for over 10 years but cutbacks have affected the numbers given away, cutbacks have also held other brigades back despite its obvious safety benefits in particular for the elderly. My aim is to send packs to my local Occupational Therapists to pass onto patients, I'd love to be able to send some to other hospitals around the country. To date I've managed to keep the idea going since 2005 but would like to help thousands more around the UK.

The Plugster® Has been used by businesses and a number of Lions International Clubs have given samples away, all income has kept the idea going and I don't take any income from sales. 

The Plugster® makes the removal of 13amp plugs easier as well as giving users the ability to label each plug so the people know what they are unplugging.

The Plugster® is custom made in the UK with brands, logos etc. To date over a million have been made with no problems reported, not sure how many have been given away to the elderly & disabled to date.

Feedback Comments

Sylvia Tickle of Todmorden said “I have quite severe Rheumatoid Arthtitis, in my hands in particular and find that the plugs that are normally recommended (the ones with rigid plastic grips) are quite clumsy. They don’t allow room to get my fingers in for a good grip, which the Plugsters® do. This also means that if I have a plug in an awkward to reach place e.g. behind a TV table or settee I don’t have to spend ages bent over uncomfortably trying to get a good grip at just the right angle before I can pull”.

Annie Hewett of Saul in Gloucestershire said “I think they are an excellent product and I am amazed that they haven’t been snapped up as an advertising product already”.

Vera Graham of Blackburn said “having suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 25 years & undergoing several operations & artificial joints in my thumbs I thank you for the opportunity to try your Plugster® which I found very effective & took away a lot of the strain when removing plugs”.

Welfare chairman of Peel Lions Jimmy Hill said: "We are very impressed with them. They are simple but sturdy and do the job. "We will be offering Plugsters® to residents in our area through organisations such as Age Concern and to sheltered housing schemes and I will also be taking the invention to other Lions clubs and encouraging them to order them for residents in their areas."

Anne Downey, Care Manager at Crossroads Care Bury, said: “As Crossroads Care Bury support many people with visual and dexterity problems, I feel that the Plugsters® will be a great aid and will help promote independence. “Our Carer Support Workers have already been issued with the Plugsters® to distribute to the people in the community”.