Plentiful is upsizing - help us grow!

by Abbie Sellers in Ramsbottom, England, United Kingdom

Plentiful is upsizing - help us grow!
We did it
On 8th November 2019 we successfully raised £5,285 with 114 supporters in 24 days

Plentiful: Plastic Free Shop has had a successful first year and it's time to grow. With your help we can open this bigger and better store!

by Abbie Sellers in Ramsbottom, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra £2300 we'll be able to buy a nut butter machine to provide completely additive free, organic and packaging free nut butters in store. 

Plentiful opened in Ramsbottom in September 2018 in order to create an alternative to supermarkets, and to allow people of Ramsbottom and further afield to fill their baskets with plastic free dried foods, cleaning products and household/personal essentials. 

Our original layout Sept 2018

It soon became the talk of the town, featuring on TV, Radio and national newspapers as the first of its kind in Greater Manchester.

The first year has been a roaring success. The range of products has doubled, we've seen queues out the door, and on a weekend the shop is a tight squeeze to get everyone in! 

We're so delighted that in our first year of opening, we've saved over a MILLION pieces of plastic from being used unnecessarily, and we've had the privilege to meet thousands of customers, all wanting to reduce their waste. We've made friends, made mistakes, and made a difference. 

It's been incredible. But it is time to move.

We have just signed the lease for a new premises - 46 Bridge Street, Ramsbottom!




Isn't she a babe!?


Why are we upsizing?

If you've been to Plentiful, you'll know how tiny the shop is. A converted terraced living room (with some crafty storage solutions) has managed to squeeze in over 200 products - but that barely scratches the surface when it comes to plastic free shopping. Over the last 12 months, we've seen so many more zero waste alternatives hit the market - but we're all out of space.

It's not just products though. The shop can be uncomfortable at times, especially for buggy or disabled access. We don't want to turn anyone down, but with over 5 people in at once - its an impractical squeeze.


With our new prime location we'll be super easy to find, giving up the opportunity to engage with and inspire more people to make plastic free switches.


We'll have much more space for buggies, multiple people filling at once, more counter space so more people can have the containers weighed and be served, plus space for whole new categories of food and drink.

Plus, we think Plentiful would be a refreshing and beautiful addition to the high street!


Results of the questionnaire

Over the last two weeks we've asked for your opinion. We wanted to know exactly what it is you'd like from the new shop. We had over 200 responses in a week!


Here are the highlights:

86.3% of customers prefer us to weigh jars for you (so we won't be buying super fancy self serve ones)

The top 10 categories, how many votes, and whether we can achieve them...

- 98 votes: Zero waste household products, absolutely!

- 93 votes: Chilled section, we're planning on this for sure. It'll be tricky plastic free but we’re excited to give it a go.

- 89 votes: Zero waste body products, yes yes yes!

- 86 votes: Sustainable gifts, 'tis the season! (that's a yes)

- 83 votes: Organic fruit and veg, we'll do our best but not in this tiny timescale. It may be that we go for the veg box option to prevent wastage (it did receive 72 votes! (we won't ask for crowdfunding for this)

- 77 votes: Fresh bread, we're so keen for this too!

- 74 votes: Zero waste skincare, yes!

- 74 votes: Zero waste hair care, of course.

- 67 votes: Oils, sure thing. We're onto how we can make this work spill free!

- 64 Votes: More pasta. YUP.

- Over 100 votes combined - jars, tins and plastic free cooking ingredients for the cupboard.

And your favourite things about Plentiful so far?

The customer service & having a natter - this will always continue!

The feel good factor - comes for free when shopping with the environment in mind.

The variety of products - will be even wider!

New ideas for low waste living - we're always on the hunt for new products and love sharing tips.

The most popular things to improve on:

More space - comes with the new premises.

More products - absolutely! We want this too.

Less fiddly jars to dispense from - we'll be switching to scoop bins to help this

Fridges/freezers/fresh fruit and veg - we'll be adding a fridge for now, and looking for a local organic veg supplier to team up with in the new year. We'll be VERY new to green-grocering and don't want to create any waste. Bear with us on the veg front.


68% of you wanted us to continue pouring the cleaning products for you. This saves crowdfunding money in spillage or potential new self serve gadgets. :) We're happy to keep helping but will add more staff at busy times.


How exactly we'll be spending the funding:


We don't expect our wonderful customers to foot the whole bill. We've been scrimping and saving all year as we knew the time would come! We do need some help though in order to take the shop to the next level, ensure a smooth fit out and to buy a few large exciting purchases. 

Plentiful will be purchasing all new stock, and paying for all the legal bits such as insurance, deposits and staff cover. 

Here's what the crowdfunder is for:

- Shop fit out (all shelving for new products, displays, signage, counter, attachments for the dispensers, lighting, joiners, electricians etc.) £3400

- New scoop bins and gravity dispensers for ease of filling, and to provide space for new ingredients - £700

- New double door fridge for chilled plastic free food and drink: £600

- A second set of scales to help weighing and paying - £200

- Accessibility help - ramp for step, steps for children, DDA counter for wheelchair users at cash desk - £100


A message from Abbie...

"Your support so far has meant the world. I honestly never understood the huge impact we could have on each other until opening and meeting so many wonderful people. From announcing this concept over a year ago I felt a huge wave of support from so many of you. I'm touched every day when a new person tells me they've made another sustainable swap thanks to Plentiful. We're not competing with the supermarkets, we're offering something entirely different. This is feel good shopping. Honest, ethical, and the way it should be. One day we might take the big supermarkets down though, you never know ;)"


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

10% off for a month

With this you'll receive 10% off from the date we open for 30 full days. Worth stocking up for Christmas, and doing your gift shopping! Plus, a PLENTIFUL jute bag & a huge thank you :)

£10 or more

Plentiful Love

A huge thank you, and lots of positive energy and karma. You're helping create a revolution!

£25 or more

Plentiful Special

All the positive vibes, PLENTIFUL jute bag (not yet on sale) and 10% off your first shop at our new store as a thank you!

£35 or more

7 of 8 claimed

Winter comforts

A plastic free 'Valley Mist' lip balm, and a big jar of ethical Colombian chocolate buttons - milk, white or dark. Plus, 10% off your first shop, a huge thank you and a new branded tote bag.

£40 or more

4 of 10 claimed

Zero Waste Shopper Kit

You'll receive... Pack of 3 cotton produce bags, 3 jars, a PLENTIFUL branded jute bag (not yet on sale), 10% off your first purchase in our new store and a huge thank you!

£40 or more

1 of 2 claimed

From our friends: Stitch

£10 off any sewing/craft course at Stitch in Ramsbottom, plus 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£40 or more

3 of 6 claimed

From our friends: Every Goose Ramsbottom Print

Wonderful A4 Ramsbottom illustration print from Imogen at Every Goose who'll be decorating Plentiful v2 with her artistry! 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£50 or more

0 of 1 claimed

From our friends: Evolve Hair Artists #1

Wash & finish with a treatment from Laura at Evolve in Edenfield, 10% off your first Plentiful purchase in the new store, and a PLENTIFUL jute bag.

£50 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Plentiful Gift Hamper

Plentiful bag containing: bamboo toothbrush, 60 toothpaste tablets, Plentiful soap, shampoo bar and soap pouch. To start you off on your zero waste bathroom, or give as a gift! Plus, 10% off your first purchase in our new store!

£60 or more

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From our friends: Evolve Hair Artists #2

Cut & finish with Zen at Evolve in Edenfield, 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£100 or more

The Lifetime 5% Discount

5% discount at our new shop FOREVER, PLENTIFUL jute bag (not yet on sale) and a humongous thank you!

£250 or more

The Lifetime 10% Discount

10% off at our new store for life, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£40 or more

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From our friends: Hills Pet Shop

Eco friendly doggy hamper, 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£50 or more

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From our friends: The Chakra Room

Reiki session with the wonderful Sam at The Chakra Rooms in Ramsbottom, a huge thank you, 10% off your first purchase at Plentiful new store & new branded PLENTIFUL jute bag.

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

From our friends: Tea Atelier

Lunch for two at our neighbours Tea Atelier, 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

£75 or more

1 of 1 claimed

From our friends: Cronkshaw Fold Farm Air BnB

One night stay (Mon-Thur) at one of their accommodations for 2-4 people (yurt, treehouse, cabin or shepherd's hut depending on availability) plus breakfast hamper, 10% off your first purchase at the new Plentiful store, a branded PLENTIFUL tote bag and a huge thank you!

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