Ottoman Kitchen Southampton - Re-Opening Offers

by Ottoman Kitchen Southampton in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Ottoman Kitchen Southampton - Re-Opening Offers


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Please help to ensure our survival. Support us by getting vouchers now to redeem at the end of the crisis (all valid until September 2021!)

by Ottoman Kitchen Southampton in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Re-Opening Money-Saving Offers

Please support Ottoman Kitchen at this difficult time by buying vouchers to use when we re-open. We've put together some great one-off deals to offer our loyal customers some great savings.

If we reach £5k we can also get government match funding by a grant. All vouchers will be valid until September/2021. It looks like our restaurant will be able to reopen at the start of July, but we understand some of you may want to wait for some time until using your vouchers which is why we're running the vouchers until late 2021.

As an independent restaurant we're looking to raise £5,000 from our loyal customers to help with our re-opening (when the government furlough scheme ends we'll have to pay staff pre-opening wages in first week (with no income) and other costs). We want all our staff to come back to a job so we're offering some great offers to give savings to our customers and help us raise funds for our wages. Solent LEP are offering to match this for us if we are can reach our target of £5000.

The rewards offer our customers a great discount, so we both win!

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