Please help us Save this Furbabies eyesight!!!

by Brendalynne Delaney in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Please help us Save this Furbabies eyesight!!!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To Save the sight of this baby girl, who was rescued by myself recently and needs a large operation.

by Brendalynne Delaney in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

When we areunited, we are unbeatable! 

This is aheart wrenching story of four kittens and their Momma…. We were notified that‘meowing’ sounds were coming from an abandoned transit van in a local refusedepot in Solihull. Workers there, feed several stray cats but they had noticedone cat was jumping in and out of this van’s open window. Momma’s B and C wentalong, not sure what they were facing or what they would find. 

We weremortified to find that the van was literally stacked floor to ceiling withrubbish, discarded sofas, a freezer, rubble, mattresses and the only access wasan open front side window. Without hesitation, Momma B climbed through thewindow and began the painstaking process of handing out rubbish bit by bit toMomma C, each of us terrified we would cause an avalanche inside the van andkill the inhabitants we were trying to locate and rescue. We could hearoccasional noises which confirmed there were kittens in there but we had noidea how many there were or how tiny they might still be. 

We saw alittle face appear and soon managed to free one small black and white kitten,aged around 5-6 weeks. Giving us hope and encouragement we continued the searchthrough piles and piles of rubbish and debris. Sadly, we found one tiny babythat had not made it past a week or so old but could still hear others aliveinside. 

It took overan hour, but we managed to catch two more kittens (and Momma cat), each kittenbeing terrified and shying away from the sun having never seen daylight beforeand never having breathed fresh air. Despite horrendous living conditions, thekittens were well fed and other than being filthy they each had beautifulsemi-long-haired coats. As we checked them over, we noticed that one littlegirl’s eyes were dreadfully sore, swollen, sticky and ulcerated and she neededvet attention immediately. 

Working withanother rescue colleague, we took the kitten (now called Callie) to the vet,fearing that she was completely blind. The vet explained that her eyes andeyelids had not developed properly due to having been in the dark her wholelife and she was going to need major specialist plastic surgery to save hersight. In the meantime, she needed intensive medication for her eyes to clearinfection and to make her comfortable. 

We contactedour friends and colleagues in other rescues to see if we could work together tohelp this little girl who had survived horrendous conditions and find a way toraise enough money to save her sight. With their help we were able to identifya specialist plastic surgeon who can carry out the surgery and have even foundsomeone that would offer her a forever home after she has recovered. Wedesperately need to raise £750.00 to save Callie’s sight and are putting a pleaout to all our friends and followers for help. With your help so far, we havesaved so many cats and kittens from unthinkable fates by raising money foramputations, bullet removals, specialist surgeries and so much more.

We cannotthank Lorraine and Mel (Redditch Cat Rescue) enough for all their continuedsupport and this rescue has shown how when we all come together, we can achieveso much for these defenceless furbabies

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