Please help us keep our community shop open

Please help us keep our community shop open

We need to raise enough money to cover our rent increase for the next 12 months or we will need to close our Community Centre.

We did it!

On 9th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £140 with 4 supporters in 35 days

Eighteen months ago our venture started. Our vision is to provide a Community Wellbeing Centre that was accessible and affordable to everyone in the community. Starting with only one person's vision then growing into 2, 3, 4 people, we now have  thirteen truly amazing people in total who run this Community Centre, with more people joining shortly.

We began in just one unit, which was the Wellbeing Centre and Shop, selling natural, organic and handcrafted products as well as gorgeous healing crystals. We have now expanded to two units: one being the Wellbeing Centre and the other unit is now The Shop and Community Space for the ever expanding collective of creative people offering therapies and selling their amazing products. 

We have 10 therapists who work in our Wellbeing Centre, who offer a huge range of different therapies and healing: acupunture, angelic healing hands, birth chart readings, soul path and life purpose, boxing fitness, career advice, cranio-sacral therapy, crystal healing, guided meditation, life coaching, de-stress sessions, homeopathy, holistic massage, mindfulness, reflexology, reiki, tarot readings, theta healing and RIFE machine therapy.

One of our peaceful treatment rooms. Imagine a calm, tranquil safe place with relaxing incense and essential oils.

We not only offer our affordable treatments and products; we also offer free herbal tea, a comfortable couch and at least two ears to listen to anyone who wants just to visit and have a chat! We have some vulnerable people in our community and for some, we provide the only company they have when they visit us. We also  have worked with local government agencies who sometimes ask us if people can come stop by just to take a breath in a relaxed space outside of their own home.

So everyone who is involved with our Community Shop has been volunteering their time to help run the business and we equally contribute to the rent. Outside of business hours we hire our spaces for anything from business meetings, parties, meditation workshops, and exercise classes...basically anything we can. These rates are extremely discounted to help other people and businesses to keep it affordable. The more we hire out the space, the less we all need to contribute to meet our monthly rent. We desperately do not want to put our prices up. as then we wouldn't be the business we all pride ourselves in and our original vision would disappear. 

Your investment will help us to keep our doors open, and will enable us to continue the work we do with the community, which we are all so passionate about. So many community centres have closed due to increases in rent and government cutbacks. Our community centre is run by loving people, and each of us have our own stories of how we have joined this amazing venture. Thank you in advance for your support and we hope our doors will always be open for all.

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