My sister is suffering from cancer please help us

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My sister is suffering from cancer please help us

My sister has been diagnosed with stage4 cancer. I have used up all my savings. Please help me to buy ticket for my parent to visit her.

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My sister has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, March. Seeing her suffer from chemotherapy it just hurts me more than anything. She means everything to me.

We left Hong Kong at the age of 18 to study in the UK, we have supported each other over the years, we cried together , laughed together. Knowing in a week time she is might not be here, just terrifies me. I don't know how I'm I going to live without her.

Seeing her suffer, but unable to help, hurts me deeply. I have given up my job to spend as much time with her as I possibly can, to help her with her daily activity and more importantly support her spiritually.

I saw her pain, and I know she is hanging on because she is worried about me. We all know her hope is slim, as the cancer has spread into the bones. 5 years ago our beloved Economic teacher died in extraordinary pain having suffered the same condition. I know she is worried about me, that is why she continued with her chemotherapy treatment. I said to her ‘Please sister, it is your life, you should decide what is best for you. If you decide to give up please do not worry about me, but if you want to continue I just want you to know you are not a burden to me, because I love you so so much’. I saw her relief after I said this, and she decided to return home, because she said she doesn't want to die in hospitals.

Her last wish is the four of us, to be together just like when we were young. Over the past two month, I have used up all my savings.I am hoping to raise money fast to buy ticket for my parents to travel to London, for our last gathering.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support

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