Please Help Us Buy A Home!

Please Help Us Buy A Home!

With the struggling crisis with social housing, I'm reaching out to find another solution for my family.

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Project aim

With my own personal struggle with the housing crisis, I'm reaching out to find another solution for my family.

About the project

Hi, thank you whoever you are for taking the time to read this for even a second,  where can I even begin with this I wonder.

A little on me?

I've been privately renting from a landlord for over 5 years, paying over £24,000 of tax payers money for a flat where sometimes I can't even use one bedroom because of the mould growth.
I've looked within my local area to find something else but being barred all the time by impossible fees (£200 non refundable holding fees?!), credit checks and the dreaded 'NO DSS' discrimination acceptance.

I've been down all the official routes to get help with housing, I've waited patiently with hope and bated breath, praying to whatever god my take mercy on me that I'll get something while bidding for anything on the council housing waiting list for over 6 years... which they took me off recently as I went to live with relatives out of borough. I didn't give up my mouldy home, the landlord evicted me for becoming a problem and 'complaining about the damp'. 
The council however will only provided me access to housing benefit and associated schemes.

I've carried on looking for a private rental property however the amount of properties that exclude those who claim housing benefit is pretty much 99.9% of them. I've even been looking for 1 beds and studios as the money the council actually provide is £100 - £300 under the current market.

I feel like there's no hope so I'm turning to the internet for help.

What I am asking for is some cash to help.

If can raise enough to cover a months rent, a deposit, holding fees and admin fees in advance then I might actually stand a chance of finding another rental property (around £1500 - £2500)

If I receive significantly more than this then perhaps I could actually look  at some part buy/part rent options to guarantee that we would never be homeless again.

ANY excess money I would use to sponsor Charities that have infinitely helped people like me and others in dire need in this current climate.

What is the housing Crisis ]

The councils are now wiping the housing lists and throwing thousands off in the more affluent parts of the country, saying that it's justified because of the 'housing shortage' there isn't enough to go around. These people are the poorest in society, where are they meant to live?

I can't help but feel this is poverty cleansing

Social Housing was set up for the poorest and neediest in our society. There are still over 1.3 million families in the UK paying private landlords not dissimilar to mine and worse let alone those individuals on the street.

This government still sees no reason to build social housing, instead calling the need for more outside organisations to build 'affordable' housing which is still beyond the means of the average household earner. 

With the poverty gap widening even further, I'm just trying to ask if I can get a fair start of a stable base. Around my area, £170,000 would perhaps buy a 1-2 bed home (with maybe a bit of a garden) 

So even if you can't donate, I appreciate that you've taken the time to read this. I'm not the most eloquent of writers, I've probably missed every point I had intended to make but I hope perhaps, there's some people who can restore my faith.