please help us raise funds to bury bernard binns

by Gary Styles in Salford, England, United Kingdom

please help us raise funds to bury bernard binns


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I am appealing to raise money for the funeral of my son in law Bernard binns who passed away suddenly at the age of 58

by Gary Styles in Salford, England, United Kingdom

I am the father in law of Bernard binns who after working all his life. at the age of 57 started having seizurers and collapsing at work.

He went on the sick for 4 weeks and went back to work. while at work he another seizure and they sacked him because he was not fit for work.

he tried to get benefits but because the way the system is he never got anything for 4 months because of that he had to use what little money he had to live on and pay the rent. He split from his partner 10 years ago after 20 years together which really hurt him even though it was no ones fault. he had 2 children with his partner a daughter and a son who he thought the world of. But they lived with there mum and he moved away but kept in touch. But as we all know life takes over and you drift apart with out realising it. he moved house and no one knew were he went. Why he never told any one we will never know maybe the pain of the split was to much and seeing the kids once in a while was to much to take.

After a few years I don't know how long if I am truthful it was his daughter who saw him in asda and communication started again and he told her were he was living and she went round with her brother and her children who were babies at the time and he was the proudest grandad in the world. We are so pleased he got to see them. They sad part his he never told his children that he was ill. his children who's names I wont put on here for there privacy never new he was so ill or they would have gone to see him every day. But as we all know lives of your own take over and you don't do the things you should do or visit has often as you should do. His children went to see him at least once a month. And his son took he new grand child who was 2 months old to see there grand dad he was so chuffed. Sadly it was about a month after his daughter last seen him she went around with his grandchildren and got no answer at the door. She knocked next door and his neighbour said she has not seen him for a couple of weeks. His daughter phoned the police and they entered the house and found him dead upstairs he had been dead for about 3 weeks we wont know for sure until the post mortem comes back when and what caused his death. As you can imagine his daughter is blaming her self for not going every day to see him. 

she works full time but on a low  wage  with 2 children one 5 and one aged 14 months. His son has a new born aged 5 months and all his income goes on keeping the family together and the new born in nappies etc . 

The government wont help out because his daughters working she has to pay. No one expected it to happen and the most we have between use is £500 and it costs over £5500 to bury him.

I am a proud man and never asked any one for anything but I cant let my grand daughter go through this despair of trying to find the money for his funeral.

So I am asking you from the bottom of my heart can you please donate anything no matter how little it is to help us bury Bernard ( Barny ).

thank you for taking the time to read if you can help please do, and can you please pass the post onto as many people has you can because its took me 2 days to get this far.

I thank you in advance and from me and his family with all our hearts.

yours faithfully

Gary Styles 


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