by mazha malik in Basildon, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain situation in my life my business on the edge of collapse need urgent funding

by mazha malik in Basildon, England, United Kingdom

Hello All Family / Friends

I have this small 100SQT sweet shop at Station in Essex, Due to COVID19 its is closed for 3 month, I am unable to get any loan and grand due to low turnover. The sale of this shop on normal days was about £300-£400 and was earning £50/£70 per day per day for working 5 days as there is no public on station on SAT and SUN.
I had a very bad situation of the business and was hardly paying my rent and taking some £200 per week home after work about 10 hrs a day opening 6 am to 6 pm daily as per the newsagent shop.

I am in a very bad position now save which I have some paid my house rent and kitchen money for the family.

I was already behind rent for 3 months which is £2500 and this now shops closed more than 3 months its pile up above £5000 now.

I am six months behind the rent if I don’t pay rent I am afraid I will lose my business I need money to pay rent and change stock as most of the stock drinks and chocolate which you are seeing in the shelf are out of date now because of closure. A stock replacement will cost £2500 at least

I am not sure how long it will take to come back to normal as still 90% passenger of trains are not going London mostly working from home school/college/uni are closed,

I want to return to my normal life and want to carry on providing vital service to daily commuters of trains as well as the neighborhood

If I lost this I am afraid the landlord will take action for now paying and seize the shop. I will lose this little source of income. I have invested almost 10 years saving which was about £25000 in this and working for 6 years. If I lose the shop I will all my investment and no future income. This is my family lifeline.

Please help me to raise funds towards this cause your generosity will keep me going. I have no option left finally I am turning to my family and friends as well as you all who see my message.

I request you all please help me to spread this all-around in your family/friends circle

I will be grateful.

God bless you all.

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