Please help to build a school.

by Isabella in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Please help to build a school.


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My aim is to build a school in Cambodia that not only teachers English but also the skills needed to help gain paid employment.

by Isabella in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Isabella and I am an English teacher. I recently volunteered in Cambodia teaching English and I loved it. I was so humbled by their poverty and their want and need to succeed. 

Being a relatively young nation, due to the genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge, I found that the people although willing were limited in skills that you and I take for granted. Reading, writing, personal health are all lacking amongst the poorer population and believe me there are a lot of poor people here and yet they thank you for taking the trouble to teach them, they bring food to share with you even though they have very little themselves and they try hard - really hard. They want to be able to work to feed their families but they have no skills. At the moment workers in Cambodia are brought in from outside the country.

This is what I want to change. I want to build a school that has sleeping quarters too and have food to provide three meals a day. I want to teach them English so that they can take advantage of the rapidly growing tourism industry but in addition to this I want to teach them building skills and computer skills to help them gain decent long term employment so that they can support their families.

This won't happen over night but I'm willing to go the distance and with your help we can begin to help this nation grow and develop together.

You know, you can make a difference. It doesn't matter how small your donation is. You will have put someone on the path to building a great future for themselves and their families. It starts with children and it ends with well rounded well skilled people who can give back to their communities. Please help. I can't do this on  my own.

In return, for those of you who help, I will teach every child your name and they will remember you and be grateful to you for the food they eat, their education and their futures. Your names will be displayed in a prominent position within the school and will be referred to at every child's graduation.

Please, please, please help.

Let's make 'Please help to build a school.' happen

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