Help this poor puppy found dying in a drain

by symbiontgardens7 in Peru

Help this poor puppy found dying in a drain
We did it
On 20th June 2016 we successfully raised £70 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Little pookin le fae was found in a drain half dead, she is a beautiful soul and needs help getting better and finding a loving family.

by symbiontgardens7 in Peru

New stretch target

If there is over funding it will go into helping other animals i discover on my travels that need help.

Two days ago i found this little girl in a drain amongst the litter. She looked as though she had crawled in there to die. She was extremly malnorished and is all skin and bone. She had severe dysentry and her whole back end was covered in it.  This led her to loose a lot of fur and the bacteria that fed on the diarrhea have ate into her flesh leaving her with open wounds.

I have taken her to the vets and shes had antibiotics and anti parasite medicines and she is now on the mend. She is eating well, lots of chicken and rice and now has a little pot belly. shes been bathed and im working on the fleas. When i washed her, her fur turned pink with her blood because of the fleas.

The only reason i found this girl is becuase i missed two flights home by accident, i must return home and leave this little girl but in order to ensure she doesnt end up in that terrible sittuation again there are things she needs and things i must do.

She needs her vaccinations and she needs neutering when she gets older. the reason for the neutering is that thjere are so many strays here and neglected dogs the puppys will more than likely end up like her, it is also much harder to find her a home without being neutered. I also need to put posters up in town to find her a loving home.

She is an amzing girl and has endless trust and love, shes already wagging her tail and looks at you with such secerity. Her name is pookin le fae and i know she will grow up to be an elegent and nobel dog so long as i can find her a home.

Unfortunatly i am not in a financial position to pay for all she needs on my own, please help me help her by making a financial contribution. Ive asked for 70 pounds, this should cover all evenualities food, vaccinations, neutering, posters and also my transport whilst getting around the place. Any money left over will go into helping another dog i have met.


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