Please help Tamsyn care for her Dad/bring him home

by Verity Yeates in Xàtiva, Valencian Community, Spain

Please help Tamsyn care for her Dad/bring him home
We did it
On 13th October 2019 we successfully raised £3,485 with 122 supporters in 28 days

Tamsyn Newland is a British nurse campaigning to get her terminally ill father, Trevor, home to the UK.

by Verity Yeates in Xàtiva, Valencian Community, Spain

UPDATE: 09/10/19

It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that Trevor’s fight is almost at an end. 

This last week his condition has deteriorated further and doctors have confirmed this morning he will likely pass away in the next couple of days. He has now been made as comfortable as possible and will definitely not be coming home.

This news is obviously a shattering blow to Trevor’s family. Please hold Trevor, Tamsyn and the rest of the family tightly in your prayers. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for all you have done to help this man and his family. Although we have not been able to bring Trevor home to rest as we had dearly hoped, your donations have enabled his daughter to stay at his side throughout this horrific ordeal. No man woman or child should have to suffer the way that Trevor and his family has, but we dread to think how much worse it would have been without Tamsyn there and without your support. Your donations will allow Tamsyn to stay with her father until the very end and will help her with whatever happens afterwards.

Finally, a message from one of the bravest people we know:


Hi all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the shares, prayers, love and support shown these difficult past few weeks. Please remember us in your prayers as we go through this final stage. I will continue to be at dad’s side, fighting with every inch of breath I have until he finally has peace. Love Tamsyn. xxx

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Trevor is a Devon man who lived and worked in the UK as a lorry driver for most of his life and then retired to spend his twilight years in Spain. 

Sadly Trevor was found unconscious a few weeks ago and now has been diagnosed with permanent brain damage, terminal liver failure and hospital acquired infections. Doctors are also assessing whether or not he also has cancer of the bowel or something worse.

Trevor’s hospital treatment as a British Citizen under the Reciprocal Agreement has been less than adequate and some practices have been shocking (including poor IV hygiene which we believe is the cause of his infections and the use of restraints which would likely be deemed illegal in the UK). 

The family are desperate to bring him back home so he can spend his final days in comfort surrounded by loved ones but sadly medical repatriation is not covered under the agreement. It will cost in excess of £20k to get him back to the UK.

Trevor is unable to do anything for himself. Medical care in Spain is very different than in the UK – nursing is minimal and it is normal practice for family to come into hospital to take care of all of the basic and personal needs of a patient. Trevor’s daughter has had to temporarily leave her country, her job as an NHS nurse, her children and her grandchildren to care for Trevor in hospital. What she has seen there has shocked her to the core. 

Now she is fighting to #bringtrevorhome and to be his voice while he has none of his own. 

Tamsyn is running out of time and money and desperately needs financial help. She primarily needs help with the cost of repatriation, but also help to be able to continue to stay in Spain to care for Trevor whilst he is in hospital there, help with legal fees whilst she speaks to his solicitors and tries to figure out what to do, help with the cost of translators and help with the cost of bills back home whilst she is not working. All of this is completely beyond Tamsyn’s means. It is so heartbreaking and the situation is impossible without having to ask for support from others.

If you are in a position to be able to donate, even a little, it would help so much. Any funding will go directly from Crowdfunder to Tamsyn at the end of this fundraiser. 

You can also help by liking our Facebook page: and liking sharing and commenting on our posts which helps others hear about Tamsyn and Trevor's story

Thank you

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