Sohrab Shizrad's urgent operation on his leg

by Sandra&Fabi's fundraiser in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Sohrab Shizrad's urgent operation on his leg


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To raise funds for an urgent operation 25 year old Sohrab Shirzad needs on his right leg

by Sandra&Fabi's fundraiser in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Five years ago, my lovely friend Fabiola, who we all call "Fabi" and is one of the most caring people I have met, married her Greek boyfriend and moved to the island of Lesvos to start a new life. Around this time, refugees started to flood into the island coming on little boats from Turkey. Some refugees have been moved on but most of them have lived in refugee camps in Lesvos ever since, unable to go back to their violent homes and not getting accepted by any country in Europe. Fabi and her husband have been involved with different NGO's that have been providing basic help for them.

Since last year, Fabi noticed a deep need for other kinds of support and decided to volunteer her skills as a sports massage therapist to help those refugees that she saw struggling with physical and emotional lesions without anyone tending to them. This is how she met 25 year old Sohrab and learnt about his ordeal. He was victim of a Taliban attack in Afghanistan when the truck he was driving was shot at with a bazooka. As a result he was injured on both legs and had an operation which was not followed by rehabilitation. Sohrab fled Afghanistan as the violence escalated and arrived in Lesvos in October 2018.

Fabi has been trying to help him recover the muscle strength in his legs but he is in great pain which is not alleviated by anything. Several doctors who examined Sohrab, including a specialist paid for by Fabi herself, have said he needs and urgent operation to remove a metal implant from his leg because the uneven terrain of the refugee camp is producing further injury to his leg every day as the metal is rubbing against his bones and other tissues.  

An orthopedic surgeon is willing to operate on Sohrab's legs but he will need to be taken to Athens for this, cover the costs of travel, the operation, the anesthetist, and at least one month of physiotherapy that will help him recover from the operation. In total we will need £4000 so we are appealing to everyone who feels touched by this 25 year old story and his suffering to help us raise these funds.

Everyday we hear heartbreaking stories coming from other lands, may our hearts get moved and may we be able to provide help and hope to those who most need it. In gratitude to all for any help you can give. 

Sandra <3 

Let's make 'Sohrab Shizrad's urgent operation on his leg' happen

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