Please help Sophie a victim of sexual violence

by Sophie Crockett in Aberdare, Wales, United Kingdom

Please help Sophie a victim of sexual violence
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I need to receive appropriate counselling from a councillor apt in sexual violence and also in communication disorders.

by Sophie Crockett in Aberdare, Wales, United Kingdom

My name is Sophie; I suffer from Asperger’sSyndrome and other mental health disorders and I am a victim/survivor of serious sexual and violent crime; which took place over a period of two years from 2010-2012 and it has dominated my life ever since.. 

When I was 17 I met a man who was in his 30’s who groomed me. 

He subjected me to horrific sexual violence where I feared that my neck and back would break and he raped me repeatedly many times per day; he would scream into my face and dig his fingers into my eyes.

He tried to kill my puppy because he was jealous of her so I had to re-home her for her own safety. 

I was issued an OSMAN letter from the police after he attacked me with a hunting knife thinking that I was having affairs behind his back; he held the knife to my throat and I thought that he was going to kill me.

After being held captive by this man where he made me sit on the sofa for 3 days where I was not allowed to move(only to be raped) or eat or drink. Whilst he was distracted pretending to be me texting my mother; I managed to escape where I ran to my parents’ house without any shoes on my feet and they called the police; where he was arrested,

I contemplated suicide many times as I felt that, that would be my only escape from him; I could not see no other way out and many times I thought I lost my own sanity.

I suffer from severe PTSD and have flashbacks all the time;  I cannot eat, sleep or concentrate and I feel like I cannot connect with the people around me; I feel like an outcast as I have experienced things that they haven’t even dreamed of. 

I do not leave my house and I cannot even contemplate ever being in another relationship. I feel uncared about and I feel that my voice is silenced.


If verification is needed or more information please contact Merthyr Tydfil police station and quote:

Case Number: 62120076193

Inspector who was involved at the time from Robert Thornton:  Badge Number: DC3043 and phone number 01685724272 

Sentenced at Merthyr crown court in August 2014.

Ruth Wagg victim support officer's phone number: 01443 494190


Please I need your help; I am atmy wits-end and I don't know what else to do.

Please help.





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